Production Call Notes 10/22

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    Service project

    co coaching



    Massage therapist payment

    observation workshop

    Red flag Ryan K

    Sabrina — Service Project

    guest clients

    Juliana – posted COS – talked to Anne, reaching out to Leah today

    LKT — lead us in a conversation about how many and by when

    Juliana – will post on forum today

    LKT — will you also check in around the teams alignment

    Service project

    Sabs – Got a little overwhelmed – my intention is to reply to the forum by 1:00 today. Stopped around starting around vetting options. Needs support around vetting options. Needs the entire team’s support.

    LKT – I hear about reasons why it’s hard. What was your breakthrough in choosing this?

    Sabrina – Not feeling well. Don’t want to drop the ball. The breakthrough I saw is in process. It’s an either/or. I can step up and volunteer for things or I can have the trip be easy and flowy. Coming from not knowing. Breakthrough in creating the project AND having things be interesting and fun – not one or the other.

    LKT – Who will be the one to support you until you feel better?

    Nichole — Question about what fully vetted means

    LKT – have three options by Friday that are a hell yes

    Brittany – COS isn’t clear

    LKT – for each of out projects/visitors, there is a list of conditions, Brittany should have these, we are responsible for getting those.

    COS first, then reach out to team to support finding options

    Brittany – When you own something you’re not going alone. You’re leading the team in it. Looking at excellence and not choosing from scarcity. Three options for service project and we’ll choose which one we want.

    If you own an accountability, get COS as soon as possible.

    Juliana – Co-coaching today. Otherwise we can skip it.

    Mike – not qualified = not allowed on the. Call?



    Charlie – Not flat on the COS. Will work with LKT today and post on forum.

    Insurance —

    Brittany — participants need insurance before they can coach gust clients with AC as additional insured.

    Rest of agenda items will move to forum.

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