Production Call Notes 10/29

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    Agenda Items

    Guest clients


    service project


    observation workshop

    Co coaching

    recorded calls

    Guest Clients

    LKT: What can you share and what do you need?

    Juliana: Talked to two people, one from Nichole and one from Sabrina, talking to two more today from Nichole, two more from Shawna, and one more potentially from Charlie.

    Do we want them to have the essence conversation first?

    Sabrina: Great idea. It’s so enrolling.

    Juliana will bring it to forum and get support from team.

    By Friday will be flat on who guest clients will be and have a contract with them complete. Five signed up. By next Friday we’ll have all the essence conversations flat.


    Charlie: Need some help. Don’t want to bow out. Need someone to partner with me in leading.

    LKT: I’m not clear on what’s going on. Yes to supporting, and how else can we support? It’s in the best interest of the program to have one of us to support you. Give you the opportunity to get what you need at home and the client game. Will you allow support and empower another leader to take this on?

    Charlie: Yes. I have too high of a gradient right now. I need to take some time and get complete. Trying not to be at affect of circumstances. I’m doing a good job managing and being with everything. It’s taking a little bit to get to choice.

    Brittany: How’s this going LKT?

    LKT: He’s in it.

    Brittany: So can you see how him being in it and asking him questions is going to keep him in it.

    Sabrina: I think this a cool opportunity about owning an accountability and not doing the whole thing by yourself. Opportunity to own the accountability and create the breakthrough he saw for himself. He could own the accountability and someone else owns the project. My breakthrough is how to be leader without just doing it myself. Practicing leaning back. Charlie you can still have the breakthrough that you saw and owning it doesn’t mean you have to stress out.

    Charlie: I hear you and think it’s beautiful. I’m not trying to bow out. Trying to understand how to move forward. I’m kind of lost because I’m expecting someone to just step in and say, I’ll do it.

    Sabrina: Breakthrough when I was sick to specifically ask Mike to get the COS and put it on the forum.

    Charlie: I would like to have everyone qualify a therapist.

    LKT: You might check in and see who we have who is close.

    Charlie: Who has someone who is close?

    Brittany: I think what we need is for you to have someone own it. It’s a breakthrough for you to allow someone to own it and not beat yourself up.

    LKT: I hear Charlie saying “be with me” and I hear Brittany saying “give it away.” Be with me and support me versus support me so much that I can go be with my family and do what I need.

    Charlie: I’m trying to learn how to be a leader and lean into support. And from that place I don’t want someone to take over and I don’t want to say I’ll just do it. Trying to find the balance there. Don’t have any experience with it. Trying to be patient.

    LKT: Will you allow us to support you and relinquish the therapist ownership?

    Charlie: To me it sounds like you’re inviting me to step out of the leadership role, which I’m fine to do that if that’s what you see for me.

    LKT: It’s an invitation, not a demand. There’s a few takes on this. You can choose to declare another leader from incomplete, or I choose to make my life work right now.

    Charlie: Maybe the best thing is for me to step down even though it doesn’t feel right for me. That’s what I’m going to do.

    Jeff will take over.

    Britt: It’s only inside your context that it’s about giving up or taking from. We’re actually a stand that your life works.

    Service Project

    Sabrina: We have five options that are in varying levels of vetting. Will bring to forum. Declared flat within 24 hours.

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