Production Call Notes 11/05

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    Service Project


    Guest Clients

    Breaks on Module




    Service Project:

    Sab: Will be talking to Julio today. Request from LKT is to get clear on logistics.

    LKT: Sabrina, will you bring an enrollment conversation?

    Sabrina: Gonna talk to Julio about logistics. Don’t know where to go after that.

    Jeff: Can I offer something? Think of production as high level update speed enrollment.

    Sabrina: Monday morning we’re going to go to Golden Living, creating a both/and to arrive before BINGO and hang out with the residents and then play BINGO. By noon tomorrow we’ll have logistical issues flat. I thought we were going to have lunch together. I’m excited to talk to Charlie and get partnered up on lunch details. Lunch plan around going to Liberty Station. Debrief time at lunch together.

    LKT: I have it that you’re looking for something from team too. Are you requesting that here or bringing it to forum.

    Sabrina: Really confused and kind of stopped. I get that the whole team is not enrolled. My request is that if you are not fully enrolled what do you need?

    Brittany: I need a clear vision of what actually occurs. Not logistically, but we get there and then what? What actually happens at Golden Living. And I can tell you right now I’m not enrolled in our people doing work like handing out bingo cards or stuff like that.

    Sabrina: Super aligned on that.

    Tiffany: Enrolled

    Jeff: Enrolled

    Charlie: Enrolled

    Juliana: Similar to Brittany but enrolled


    Jeff: Great conversation with Sarah. She’s awesome. Totally gets the work. Cool being, laid back, totally gets our process. Also reached out to monthly’s therapist. Mike is reaching out to two more options. He will have an enrollment email sent out by end of day and we will have flat by noon tomorrow.

    LKT: Not sure it aligns for Mike to be working on Therapist instead of qualification.

    Mike: Just waiting to hear back. I am good there, thank you.

    Sabrina: Same thing for Charlie

    LKT: What we’re standing for is for everyone to show up qualified.

    Conversation about that — sorry I didn’t write it all down.

    Juliana – Sent two people to back office to get paperwork done. I’m sending two more today. Should be on track to have five. Essence conversations before they get into the room. Please chime in by today.

    Sabrina: I am totally aligned with doing a group essence conversation. I am texting with Lesa now and she will not have liability insurance.

    LKT: Let’s get what’s so on insurance during co-coaching

    Mike: 4-day module is half day break but we have big events. Do we want to handle ahead?

    LKT: Thanks so much for bringing this. Take a swing on forum. The intention of the half day break is that each take a half day from wake-up to lunch or lunch to end of day to source our well-being. We all want to be available for service project. We don’t need to all be in the room for therapist.

    Britt: Thing I would add is not just program specific accountabilities, but think of your half day break and look at the timeline ahead of time. Guest clients, etc. Would it make sense or not? Etc.

    Sabrina: Is there a way we can see the timeline?

    LKT: I see it as what we are owning. So if you are doing MOPAs, don’t take your break when you are designing MOPAs.


    Britt: We have nine people registered for the observation and two for the workshop.


    Nichole bring the accountabilities tab of the spreadsheet. Will send list of things to be printed to Britt today.


    Sabrina: Lesa doesn’t have enough money for insurance

    Tiff: Practicing coaching will get her more clients

    Brittany: I am happy to share the timeline ahead of time on the forum.

    T: Post-its w/date of when we notice people in their SM

    Britt: I hear you and there’s some training — Distinguished being is not just to highlight their survival mechanisms

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