Production Call Notes 2/11/20

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     Sabrina Pratt


    Jeff asked team who we will be in general with a particular focus on today around the team breakdown of Julianna being in client game breakdown and currently unqualified. The team declared that Julianna WILL be hired TODAY. And all stated being aligned with doing whatever we need to do to have that be so.

    As a team we are committed to:


    -playing out loud

    -playing as if it is all ONE game, integration everywhere

    Sab is sending Julianna 5 potentials, Charlie is following up with Dave.

    Guest Clients

    Sabrina is owning guest clients now, received training from LKT and Julianna in 2 calls last week. Sab has reached out to all GC and left voicemails or directly connected with them to communicate the transition of leadership and find out how it is going so far. The request is that team be in consistent conversation with participants and supporting the commitment to practice coaching with GC so that we can get ahead of this breakdown and generate something different in terms of our relationship with GC (and with participants and GC in the future).

    A breakdown in enrollment all over the place is distinguished and showing up here in GC.

    The team reported alignment in getting into conversation with participants to get ahead of this breakdown.

    Zoom Call with Attorney & Lawyer

    Nichole proposed 1st Tuesday after module during the 3-4pm t-time spot. Nichole is taking ownership of this call.


    LKT reports being on track with photographer and continuing the conversation on the forum.

    Grad/Cert. Tracker

    T is owning Grad/Cert. and the request is that team be consistent and at cause for keeping the tracker up to date and having ongoing conversation with participants around grad/cert.


    *We didn’t directly address this today but the request here is to be at cause for causing the results declared in our team ohs./workshop game! Sab will take to the ohs/workshop game thread on forum!


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