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     Brittany Cotton

    Production Notes

    -Abundance! Full room, needing more chairs
    -Charlie going to get support of getting people there

    Guest Clients
    -Will has been unresponsive, guest client red flag


    Affiliate/Grad Soiree
    -Two potential dates in August: Last weekend (coincides with leader retreat or august module)

    -Person is all set and empowered, will be bringing post to participants today.
    -Please bring to your peeps and enroll them
    -Who will be the one on the ground?

    -Jeff: what I’ve been getting around being in the What For conversation. AC is a ridiculous rigorous structure, if you don’t have a clear, bold, big juicy what for… Challenge us to get in touch with them, broadcast, get support on it, etc.

    LKT absence
    -Looking to not just replace myself with another body, but having it be something where all ships rise. Creating more enrollment in marriage, support possibilities with family, busting up time scarcity.
    -looking for someone to support Britt in new promotion, in our team in leadership. The person to have pre enrollment coming in, willing to travel, experience the intensive, looking for a breakthrough in having it all.
    -Intention not to do it alone
    -Declaration: someone fully enrolled by EOD tomorrow
    -Tiffany request: will you declare something you are reliable to fulfill on.

    -Mike needs 1 FP hire by 27th of February.
    -Anything to request? Daily power hours, looking for one tomorrow, asking for team to check up on me, and will continue to post, also completion slots.
    -Will be at cause to get support

    -Does anyone not know whats so with their participant for March payment?
    -Sabrina- w/ Lesa wont be surprised when she doesn’t.
    -Speaking to expectation of a breakdown. What if we brought whats so, so we were all in the know.
    -Juliana, will get so with whats so with Sarah by EOD
    -Tiffany- posted Ryan Mac’s plan. Nancy- will bring to her this week.
    -post to forum no later than Friday whats so with each person

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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