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    Love this. T.

    Could we call Jeff’s automatic in this regard condiment leadership? 😉 lol – It’s like he’s reliable to see the hamburgers and bring the Ketchup! Thank goodness. 😛

    And for you – – keep standing, and please bring your leading Actress too.

     Aarti Mallya

    T. yes, well as for me what is coming up right now is trust and laziness.

    So the trust can go any which way where I don’t trust myself to say the bold thing and put in what I see. I don’t trust others will receive what I say well, or how I intend it land or whatever.

    I can be very trusting and I’m like yea they mean well, their a great leader, and they know what their doing. Where I could still “read between the lines” and challenge someone to help  them see more, grow even more as a leader, and create more break thoughs.

    Laziness in action, I tend to read though everything to catch up and then go to say something, can be anythings so I’m acknowledging my presence and some sort of contribution. So I’m just like yea what everyone else said, I got nothing else.

    I am starting and will continue my practice reading a post and start writing the thoughts as they come to me where I don’t get influenced or side tracked by others posts.

     Tiffany Turner

    Ummmmm, I just saw something exciting, no idea if it’s real for the rest of team, so Jeff and Mike, you choose if there’s anything here for you.

    Jeff, I notice you’re reliable to respond to forum posts with a lot of, “I agree with what XXX said,” or, “Like XXX put in…” and I’ve been blessed by the experience of what you see on co-coaching, so I’m sure you can see more than what others are saying before you.

    Mike & Jeff, can you see any similarities between your relationships to forum?

     Juliana Sih

    This thread is so great! And sorry for my late contributions. I see so many opportunities for us stretch ourselves in this program, and accountabilities is no different. For me, what I hear is a practice in choice. It seems like our default in choosing is “I can do that, I guess I will take it”, or some version of that and then taking action or inaction from there. When we are able to choose outside of that, then we have access to something different. It’s like washing dishes, which can be seen as mundane, a choir and boring. Or you could choose experiencing it as calming, therapeutic and cleansing process. The practice that I see for me and us in accountabilities is expanding our experience/options rather than as a task or to-do list item. What would that make available in your life? If you saw everything with choice and were able to generate how an experience goes?

    Nichole, I am enrolled in you doing Accountant. What I see/hear is you practicing and flexing your “requesting support”, “trusting others” and “surrender” muscle.

    Mike, I think T is requesting you to put it in a consistent format (I listen for X so as to act by Y in order to Z), and the extra fluff can be below it until we determine if we keep or do not keep. I think putting it this way makes it easier for us to read and understand.

     Aarti Mallya

    T. for your Can y’all connect to how even the stuff we “know how to do” doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something available for us there? Yes

    Also for Winning Strategy yes for keeping copies until I know they are all definitely flat.

    For cleaning up the Winning Strategy are you saying to condense what they said to the main points and not have any extra fluff their?

    Nichole lol, I agree from a place of leadership to not do it all. But also I don’t see it that you should contribute a option as I have it that we should have 3 options for each where we have choices.

     Jeff Miller

    I love what everyone has put in so far. Overall I like where Brittany is pointing. Through the lens of “getting it down” we all are extremely proficient and it would not lead to any breakthroughs. But as Brittany pointed out, through the lens of breakthroughs we actually get to build up are weaknesses and expand our leadership. I will be taking on some juicy completion and I will come to the call ready to take on accountabilities through the lens of breakthroughs and ever expanding leadership.

     Brittany Cotton

    And to be clear, I did see the previous posts on who was owning what! Thanks Nichole for seeing something for yourself in owning Accountant!

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks all!

    One thing I really have been thinking about the last week is the work we do, and how its very easy to relate to the Doing as simply the thing to be done. But this is the gold in being a program coach, everything we have going on is opportunity to create a breakthrough. I know anyone of us could find a Lawyer, get the posters, done, or generate Observation and Workshop guests. And if we just look at this way– my suspicion is hands don’t go up when we ask who see’s something in owning it. I challenge each of us to relate to this work not just in service of our participants and the magic that the program is, but the structure, the access to an unlimited number of our breakthroughs for our lives. Who else do you know is a part of a team that all the doing is in service of a bigger game? A bigger access point to their dreams and their potential? This is what is available to us.

    I invite our team to reinvent our relationship with the doing and accountabilities. And I think we are off to a great start by having a call set up to go over accountabilities, cause we can do that call from this place. From truly choosing and empowering Doing through the breakthroughs and things we are missing in our life. Nichole- which accountability could give you access to something that would support your relationship and concerns with Noah? Jeff which would support you in your quest for whats next? T what would move your parenting aspirations forward? LKT which would support you in organization? Juliana in owning your power? Mike in not being overwhelmed? Charlie in being fully here and fully with the rest of your life? Sabrina in your next level of leadership?

    Please look for you, and be prepared for our call Tuesday to declare what accountabilities suit your breakthroughs! *Perhaps beforehand you might get complete on how its gone with accountabilities up til now… 🙂

     Tiffany Turner

    Coach Training Program – sometimes it’s used to reference the participants, sometimes used to reference the entirety of the program.


    What is CTP?

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