Production Call Notes 6/2/20

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     Tiffany Turner

    I think what you’re calling At Cause is the thing I’m calling At Effect.

    I’ve shared and posted file labeling info, and I’ve supported it (for you and others) via email as well. Asking me to post again isn’t a big deal, people forget things or need additional support all the time (Charlie, can I get a whooooo haaa haa on scanning ;). I just notice a pattern for you Sabs in asking for repeat information, and labeling it being At Cause. I suspect this is that same part of your SM you mentioned in this thread that has you erase things.

    I’ll find the thread and bump it back up, and will you have a look at this pattern and how it impacts your leadership?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thanks T- this request is me being at cause for properly formatting emails with participant recorded calls to the office. How do I label said emails subject lines? To be clear: I send, my ICF review and the participants ICF review to the office?

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs, the call notes look good to me. I saw your request for a bump on the thread with file naming details – I don’t remember the name of the thread and it would take me just as long to find it as it would take someone else on team. If you’re in a place where you need the support of finding it, I’m happy to do the digging to support you, if it’s something you can do and are requesting it from somewhere else, can I ask that you be At Cause for finding it and saving it somewhere you have easy access to?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi team!

    I want to fully own that I feel fuzzy in my head, I am operating on top of a lot, my heart is pounding non-stop, had a sleepless night and I got my period this morning (just to add that my body and hormones are going even more bonkers than usual) in the midst of all the other things going on. All this is to say: please check these production call notes to be sure they’re comprehensive and accurate. I already know my SM likes to literally erase things that it feels like I can’t or won’t hold or “shouldn’t” retain. So, fully, owning that- I will also add that I typed up these notes asap after our call in an effort to be ahead of SM manipulation of notes and some stuff still might be left out or whacky. Please feel free to comment and add what you see.

    Thank you and all my love!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Qualification: Conversation around LKT’s qualification status- T invited LKT to report flatly around qual. Currently, it seems unclear to the entire team if LKT is currently qualified when she has 5 clients with her floor being 6. There was conversation around “what is qualified” and an invitation to practice playing outside of rules/playing for breakthroughs v. towing the line.

    T brought it that a consistent way of relating to qual. be held across the team and that we all practice consistently reporting on client game from a flat place.

    Brittany invited everyone to please review the wording on the forum post re: qual. and to take any need for more clarification to the post.

    Mid-Term Retake: JuSih owns this and will facilitate the retake today at 5pm. Ryan Mac brought his conflict with today’s time and not enrollment but a request for a different day and time, for an allowance to be made for his retake. Not clear where things are left in reference to Ryan Mac’s request. JuSih will continue to own this accountability and request that coaches remind their participants.

    Module 6 Accountabilities: Final oral exams owned by JuSih who will get a leader today on T Time and move forward from there. Jeff & LKT (owning written finals?) to work with JuSih in the virtual facilitation of the written finals.

    Jeff brought a conversation around how we are (each individually and as a team) operating on top of a lot right now. We are holding a lot, how each of us is holding a lot (like, holding it up and being with it all, not holding things on eachother) and how it is ok if we are not on our A Game with an invitation to continue to empower the structures that we know work like clearing multiple times a day. Jeff invited the team to continue to say the thing, be in conversation and not to shy away from the tough stuff.

    New Hub: LKT issued a reminder to test out the new hub and invitation for us to play on the new hub and get some facility with it. Brittany will share the recording (from last week’s orientation call with Halli) with the participants.

    T-Time: Jeff re-iterated the invitation to “be with all of it” and Sabs spoke up to say that her commitment is to leaning back with an invitation to the leadership team to show up clean and clear and really hold space for our participant team to bring the conversation this afternoon in whatever way they see to bring that conversation.

    Guest Clients: Sabs requested that coaches please check in with their participants that they are coaching their guest clients and are empowered in their coaching. T said Ryan Mac has reported that he is currently in conversation with Tiffany Allen about having a “floating” call time while he is in Alaska.

    Submitting Paperwork (Rec. Calls) to Back Office: JuSih said there has been some issue with the pdf files she tries to submit to the office. clarity/reminder on format for call submission. (this request is per Sabrina) T, would you please re-post/bump the thread where you show us how to have the calls formatted and how to put the email subject line in? I have also had emails sent back and I want to be sure to get it right so client calls are in and submitted in a timely manner. Thank you!!!


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