Production Notes 02-18-20

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     Charlie Horn

    Team, it was a great practice to be with how I was being around taking notes today. And it is A reflection of how I BE all over the place!!!!! #sliced bananas 🙂 How interesting the reliability of our SM to always be in more than one area of our lives in the same way. A few times I noticed I was frantically writing trying to get it all right and then I re presenced myself to be with the conversation instead of in my head about it. Enjoy.

    LKT- Payments, red flags, anything new? Jonathan, Ryan, Nancy, Lesa? In addition to getting paid up be in conversation be paid up for March 1st.

    Britt- My declaration is we don’t have a payment email from the office that surprises us. Be in conversation before email happens. Will we be at cause to write on the forum about this before the first of March?

    Sabs- Obs/Workshop, checking in with team around flexing muscle on observation and workshop. Where is everyone at?

    LKT- I would love a conversation about this.

    T- Usually i do a lot of pinging. This time I declared one across the board. Its created a long game for me. Its a mini reg conversation for workshop. So i don’t ping.

    Dank- Not going so good.

    Britt- Empowered and in action.

    Nichole- I have one person in and declared two

    Sabs- I will bring enrollment to forum around support for observation and workshop.

    LKT- As leader create a declaration of what will be.

    Sabs- I declare we have eighteen people.

    Guest clients, where is everyone at? All good? complete?

    LKT- Photographer. Everyone go off camera. Imagine your photo here captures your essence. What I see is room for us to show up with Orin to give us the photo I don’t have to show up in the world and the same be available to the participants. I see something for us to enhance our tool box with this photo as to have the participants be a hell yes!!

    Dank- Im not enrolled.

    LKT- Mike are you willing to have a conversation?

    Dank- Yes

    LKT- lets support our participants around this.

    Dank- Lawyer, Nichole has someone qualified. Can everyone be on the forum with whats so by EOD tomorrow?

    LKT- What by when?

    Dank- I will create by EOD tomorrow.

    Dank- Qualification, I have nine days until i am out of Qualification. I am excited and empowered calling everyone and there mother.

    Sabs- Would you be willing to have team be a full on demand.

    Dank- Willing, not sure what it looks like.

    Sabs- I notice with lawyer leadership four days between deadline and whats so. When Julianna was a demand something changed.

    LKT- I love what you are standing for. Check in with us so Mike can see what you are talking about.

    Sabs- Team, How are we going to be around Mike and support?

    Britt- Breakthrough in team now and how it affects payments and a bunch of other things. Thanks for being the guinea pig Mike.

    LKT- I see team breakthrough with Julianna’s Qual. I don’t know what Mikes Qual is for team breakthrough, would you be willing to play with team Mike through the circumstances of your next hire. To know it is in service of us and what we are up to and show up vulnerably.

    Sabs- You got hired at one thousand, It was a team event where we had multiple people do sample sessions. Will you be a demand for your qualification.

    T- You are in action. What is going on with your being? I so want the next level of your leadership and I want to support you. If not me will you reach out to team.

    Dank- ———

    LKT- Mike I have it T had an offering and not  in need of a response in the moment.

    Dank- My request is daily check ins and completion. Please let me know if you have time in your schedule. If I’m getting taken out then I have people checking in with me.

    LKT- Julianna, by when will we hear from you?

    JuSih- I posted on the forum.

    Dank- I read it will you say what’s so?

    JuSih- one person in group by March first but group starts tomorrow so by tomorrow.

    LKT- Last week we were in conversation about loosing you and then a new hire. From your leadership, Where have you been and where are you, from complete work and getting crystal clear about whats so.

    JuSih- I will post on forum what made the difference and whats so in my life.

    T- It seems like you want Julianna to own she went past the deadline.

    LKT- I just want to know whats next.

    Britt- Bring what you see moving forward and from team and stand for you to get hired so we don’t have to have this conversation ever again. By Friday have lead for accountant.




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