Production Notes 1/7/2020

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    Guest Clients:

    • All want to come on Tuesday. Juliana is going to request some come on Sunday.


    • Charlie will reach out to monthly team to bring supplies by the end of today
    • Will have a what’s so and what’s needed by end of the day today
    • Will decide day-of who is doing the meditation
    • Look out for handout


    • Start huddle at 7:00

    Computer has been getting fixed. If it’s not fixed, we’ll use someone’s computer.


    • Please speak to a commitment on the forum post
    • Come from possibility
    • Three people who observed last year are now registered
    • Make declarations by end of day


    • Lesa and Ryan paying on Friday
    • Ryan M is refusing to pay
    • Jonathan is not following through with commitments as far as I know
    • Culture of people not paying on time – who are we going to be for our participants?
    • Stand for everyone to have one partial pay client
    • T – want to send referrals, is there a process for that?


    • T, out of qualification on January 1. New client starting on January 23.
    • Surprised that this is a surprise. Let’s be more out front of our own red flags.
    • 30 day notice is considered time to avoid going out of qual.

    Module Handouts

    • Review BUFCA
    • Review Life Purpose
    • Review completion exercises
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