Production Notes 12/10/19

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     Jeff Miller

    Production Notes


    <u>Accountability Spreadsheet</u>

    T and Nichole have cleaned up the spreadsheet so please go and take a look. Please use to empower yourself and the team. Let T or Nichole know if there are any training or clarity around it.


    <u>Guest Clients</u>

    Brittany is the only guest clients that do not have Essence Names. Juliana will be updating the Guest Client tab today. In two weeks, we will put the invitation on T-time for the particpants to do the SM Naming with the guest clients



    T – In process of creating structures for the team to be qualified. Owned the breakdown of starting strong and not staying consistent. These structures will be posted on forum by EOD today.


    <u>5th week</u>

    Our call on the 17th of December will be the last call before two 5th week breaks. After that we will return to a Tuesday Production call on Jan.7th which will be the week of our module. Please play out loud and be at cause to get what you need.



    Games call today. WE will also be giving new MOPAS today and new buddies.



    Juliana will be submitting her recorded call on Thursday to be reviewed by next Tuesday.


    <u>Red Flag</u>

    Ryan M. – He is an official RTW and he is willing to be coached, but at this point is not willing to do any of the other program stuff. Jeff will get supported at co-coaching today. We discussed having a proactive approach to the participants being and payments. All of us normalizing these things and supported them in getting what they came for.


    <u>Spirit Animal Workshop/Training </u>

    T was taken out by LKT last week around the spirit animal workshop. Since they have gone in 3 times with conversations and getting complete. They have experienced a relationship breakthrough to be an unconditional yes and not freak out when we are taken out.


    <u>Spirit Animal Workshop</u>

    9:30am-1:30pm on Friday before the module. Cost is $100 per person. There needs to be a minimum of 6 people to have it be a go.


    <u>Team Training</u>

    It is a breakdown if we are not on team calls. Not from right/wrong, simply a breakdown in our commitments. Please be at cause to creating what you need when things come up.


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