Production Notes – 12/3/19

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     Tiffany Turner

    Guest Clients

    • All guest clients have done essence convo
    • Still need to be given their essence names
    • Please check with your participants if they’re in touch with their guest clients

    Guest Game

    • We will be talking about Obs/Workshop at T-Time, enroll them in a guest game leader for January
    • T to post on forum by 8am 12/4


    • Charlie: Haven’t ordered supplies yet, and I will by EOD today

    Team Event on Friday of Mod 3

    • Spirit animal retrieval workshop
    • Friday from 9am-1:30pm
    • $100/person
    • Workshop outline:
      • How we all get in touch with the divine
      • Retrieving our spirit animal
      • Training on how to retrieve other people’s spirit animal

    Juliana Qualification

    • @ 3 FP, declare to get hired by tomorrow
    • Creating a systematic pipeline process in partnership with a friend
    • Request for support from team, as needed

    Spirituality Display

    • No updates

    Meditation Update

    • Charlie: there’s enrollment and follow up, will complete on forum by EOD today

    Accountability Spreadsheet

    • T & Nichole updated half of it, will complete, and lean on LKT for support on unknown areas

    Recorded Calls

    • Participants record calls
    • Review call with coach
    • Leaders, submit your ICF long form to the back office


    • Starts today!
    • Hold space for whatever comes
    • T in “T-Time” stands for Team, Training & Tools

    Participant Team Being

    • Request that Mike update us on how he’s doing, on forum, with any requests for support
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