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     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Char – I notice your production notes are pretty verbatim of the conversation, and you might practice grabbing the high level, need to know, bits of what we discuss for the forum.

    I saw your text in GroupMe and happy to support you. LMK how else I can.

    Love you,


     Charlie Horn


    T- Directly communicate with me or update the spreadsheet for absences.

    B- We don’t count it as an absence unless they are more than a half day gone.

    Jeff- I have attendance and will connect with T to dot I’s and cross T’s.


    Ju Sih- I will connect with the DC program and create a doc for data/rules

    Britt- Jodi is compiling a list and have it where everyone can see it. Lets do 30 minutes before modules to connect and go over zoom. Who will create it?

    Jeff – I will

    Ju Sih- I will support

    LKT – ok create the zoom call before modules and look out for the info from Jodi.

    Jeff – The call will be just leaders.

    LKT- yes

    T Time~

    LKT- thanks all for getting aligned on 3 to 4:30 today. Participants had 24 hour notice with my post. Im clear there was a breakdown and I own it. From complete can we support our peeps to be on T time.

    Jeff- 3 to 4:30 today 5 to 6:30 next T time?

    LKT- Yes, as long as the participant team is enrolled in everyone being there.

    Ju Sih- Im aligned, should I reach out to my participants.

    LKT – I heard you say I don’t know and maybe.

    Ju Sih- I will reach out to Sarah and Bree.

    LKT- Suport for peeps with whats so and be fully present. Is there something for us to own on T time around timeliness of response about T time.

    Ju Sih – I’m incomplete  and managing to make sure participants are aligned.

    LKT- let’s get complete and own it with participants.

    Module 5 accountabilities~

    T- Nichole is owning relationship display

    Ju Sih- I am owning written exams

    LKT- vision and moving forward.

    Nichole- We have 4 weeks with an added layer of reimagining this in a virtual space. I see it different than going to forum with my vision. I see it getting crystal clear about how it will go. For me with relationship display we each have a display behind beside us in all of our spaces and how we can make the rest of our modules smooth with fillable pdf forms.

    Brittany- Feedback forms, tests all that stuff. the office is creating fillable docs.

    LKT- when will vision be complete.

    Nichole- Friday and i request additional production call for individual accountabilities.

    LKT- We aligned on an extra call

    Nichole- Im talking about accountabilities.

    LKT- are you enrolling us in an extra call

    Brittany- are you in the weeds LKT, Jeff what had you not jump in. can we align on a additional production call for 1 hour on accountabilities and zoom training and Jeff you are owning it.

    Jeff- I am owning it

    Ju Sih- SM tests. some people didn’t pass.

    Brittany- Jeff will you own it?

    Jeff- yes and I will get with the participants look for a retake in the next couple of weeks.

    LKT- Charlie relationship clips?

    T- I have a request you bring your leadership to us. What is the structure you will bring? to play ahead of it.

    Charlie- I will create a project design

    Brittany- T oral exams. Ju Sih written exams. Nichole relationship display. Charlie relationship clips.

    LKT- Observation/ workshop? lets take it to the forum

    T- Will you own it Laura

    Nichole- I will take Observation/ workshop. Sabrina and I are partnering on display and can partner on observation/ workshop.


    Add what I missed Y’all












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