Production Notes 3/10/2020

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    Coming this weekend.

    Connected with Charlie.

    Jeff is excited. We’re all excited.

    No BBQ, he’ll be in late.

    JuSih – curious if he’s informed about program and participants

    LKT – he’s heard the high level about what’s so as team – re: objections about team and payments

    Micks’ what for is about his future and saying yes to something that would be out of his comfort zone

    Take advantage of someone who’s coming in clean and doesn’t know our Survival Mechanisms

    LKT going to send an email around about next breakthroughs we see for our participants and for ourselves

    What’s going to be helpful for Mick is to let him know what’s normal for you in intensive format. He has only done monthly.

    His breakthrough is in surrender – faith and letting go and trusting

    Guest Clients!!

    Ann and Elizabeth confirmed for Sunday

    Waiting to hear back from Leah for Tuesday

    Brittany is out

    Has not had any contact with Will

    Declaring that will is out

    I see opportunity but not abundance

    Sonia could be potential guest client

    LKT – do you need anything leading up to module so guest clients runs smoothly


    Please take it to forum thread and please update with who is going to be there.

    If you have someone coming to workshop please ask them to register ahead of time

    Location not confirmed yet


    Forget about the usual sleepy T-Time protocol

    Could be something for us to participate

    Get excited!

    Get pumped!!

    Support participants in showing up.

    Lawyer/Accountant Call

    Talked to LKT about training for participants

    By when will it be on forum: by EOD today


    Sabs – I notice she hasn’t been on team calls or forum and we’re coming up to a module – It’s decision time whether or not she’s going to be at module. I realize I don’t know what’s going on over there.

    Britt – I want to speak to on the forum re: top down conversation or separate conversations

    Currently the plan is that she will not be here unless for the four days she felt drastically better and was building on itself


    Gonna put together timeline and location

    Going to bring EOD

    Time slot is assignment not signup

    We need participants done so they can sit by 9 am

    Half Day Breaks

    Mike – posted on forum about half day breaks – Britt can you post about timeline

    Timeline is to get clear about what’s happening when so we can have people leading from the front and scheduling their breaks around it

    LKT – know the timeline so you know what tools to practice – bring an enrollment conversation about what you want to lead, and don’t make it a scheduling conversation

    Bring your request for half day break by EOD Friday

    LKT will be voice for Mick

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