Production Notes 3.24.20

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     Juliana Sih
    • Lawyer/Accountant
      • using Jeff zoom line today. Participants have the information. Nichole will do intro, Melody has 10 min presentation and then opening up for questions. We will be recording the call.
    • Business as usual not usual.
      • Laura- what for empower the structure as simple and straightforward?
      • Charlie – Circumstances are going to pass, be normal way of operating soon enough. Higher level be with and continue with same reasons to continue with structure.
      • Brittany- super clear I need this structure, brings me back to being. We had an amazing module, pointing to structure and how layering on each other. So much possibility in modeling the work and basics and tools.
      • T- Awareness super power. See a lot of things that a lot of people can’t see. Service, impact and connection.
      • Jeff- this is what we do as leader. Let the emotions come in to move through us.
      • Sabrina- excited to have calls. Ontological sponge bath. Holding it together and super leader in my community. Where to let my hair down? Have some normalcy, routine and connection.
      • Britt- be enrolled as business as usual. Having our structures and supporting each other in elevated conversation. Knowing that our SM will be higher. Be with each other stuff.
      • Nichole- didn’t occur to me NOT utilize the structure. Opportunity. This experience of COVID, what need and don’t need. Coaching from want to need. Get clear on what the world needs.
    • Mike
      • Nichole talked to Mike as team representative. Frank about where team was at that we are not enrolled in him leaving or staying on the team. He took it really well. Sounded really good and happy. He is complete with his decision and needs buddies right now.
      • LKT – If you were bringing a team conversation to move us forward, what would you bring differently?
      • Nichole – Being complete with Mike and reaching out as friend.
      • Charlie – not aligned. Convenient circumstance to spit the hook. Too high of gradient. Aligned let him make his own decision.
      • Charlie to be the one for Mike, get complete first.
      • T- to be clear, we are standing for his life working, money breakthrough, have him be complete.
    • Zoom etiquette -Nichole to bring to forum
    • Module 5 accountability- Bring to forum
    • Scanning- Bring to forum
    • Guest clients-Bring to forum
    • Qualification
      • T – With COVID, some of our clients are getting wobbly.  Anyone at risk, make that be known.
      • Jeff – recreating the “at risk” to be empowered on forum.
    • Payment conversation to Co-coaching
      • LKT – getting clarity on payment. Get out ahead of 5th week. Knowing everything going into 5th week. Show up and support our peeps in knowing whats so.
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