Production Notes 4/14/20

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     Juliana Sih

    What For’s

    B – anyone not enrolled in not sharing our what for on the participant forum?

    Sabring concern –  keep leaders flat and clean.

    T- use this opportunity to get clear on what for. Britt reflected to T that complicating the what for.

    Juliana concern – could be used for comparing

    Team declares we will put it up by the end of the week.

    Qualification – Bring to forum

    Guest clients – Bring to forum

    Red flag

    Sabs – Question about Lesa, how will she know when officially put request for withdrawal? Sabs to create something with Lesa. Covert don’t let me go. Hop on phone tomorrow morning and create how does she wants it to go. Co-create how request to withdraw goes.

    T- not been at cause on updates on payments. Recommit to every time there is a shift in money conversation with Nancy/Ryan, send to email thread about whats so.

    LKT – Creating how it goes with Brittany and what she needs from here. Bring conversation to co-coaching

    SM retake

    Jeff- Confirm that your peeps will be there. Ping them.

    Module 5 oral exam

    Bring conversation to T time. Share what it is. Enroll them in generating oral exam peeps. What for have an opportunity to have people see the work. Have them create the value. During T-time create the partnership, create the enrollment around the practice oral exam.

    Always start with enrollment of big what for and then work way down.

    Nichole pattern is to start with logistics.

    Module 5 schedule 

    Sabs – Let’s move conversation along for Module 5 schedule since its coming up soon and bring enrollment to the participants. Saturday Sunday and May and Saturday and Sunday in June. T and Sabs create a vision for it and bringing it to forum. Invitation for is to practice enrollment of what for. Practice speaking in what for and then trickling down to logistics.

    Relationship clips – Bring to forum

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