Production Notes 4/21/20

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     Sabrina Pratt

    Relationship Display: Nichole brought it for us to partner and create displays with our partners: Nichole & Jeff, Britt & Charlie, JuSih & Sabs, T & LKT

    Nichole will post on the forum the what needs to be done and the “time line” of when, T will own the “main display” viewing at her home with an additional device so one featured window with the display is shown throughout the module.

    There was a question of when relationship display was happening per team’s conversation regarding change of schedule for this May module.

    Payments: Jeff brought team ownership around payments and asked for alignment on bringing what’s so to the forum and playing out loud around payment declarations with our participants. Jeff has follow up and will take the particulars to forum. Team is aligned.

    Seduction Strategy: Team will bring to T time today. T will own and Nichole will lead the conversation with participants. T & Nichole to work in partnership on this piece today via getting training, etc.

    T-Time: LKT identified that there is something missing around enrollment with the new T Time and will bring to the participants today. What is happening in May, etc./

    Qualification: Sabs is predictably going to be unqualified as of 4/22 at 2pm when her client completes. Sabs requested support. Charlie & Sabs will hop on a call today. Sabs has taken to coach and is committed to playing out loud. Sufficient action & support structures in place- she said there is a jam up for her in the Being department and she will continue to bring to team. Sabs requested referrals from team members and said she is creating a new group so please send money objections her way and she will create something. Sabs is declared hired by Friday at noon.

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