Production Notes 4/28/2020

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    Module 5 Schedule:

    T: I trust everyone is up to date on forum about adjusting hours to schedule. Let’s get clear on content we’re committed to delving to make adjustments to hours.

    Jeff: From highest level place, Kerry had good test at NYI and feedback is that it wasn’t enough. 8 hours is too much. Create time that works for all. In process. Looking at 12:00 start and 7 hour program. Flat by EOD tomorrow.

    7 hour schedule for same four days, shifting start time. Figure out content and what we bring to T-Time.

    T: Only other gap is another T-Time. We’re creating module 5 knowing there will some gaps that we’ll deliver during T-Time.

    Practice Oral Exams:

    T: Participants need to know what time to ask people what time to be there.

    By when will timeline be ready?

    Jeff: Declaration is EOD tomorrow.

    Sabs: That answers guest clients as well.


    LKT: Owner for breaks and well being. Looking at us to be really proactive for looking at accountabilities. Get visions up by next Tuesday’s call.

    Also related is the specific accountabilities.

    Nichole: Everything on forum.

    Juliana: Will bring midterm to forum.

    Charlie: Going to connect with LKT, get training

    Workshop: I missed a lot of this. But bottom line is someone has the info and is going to share it.


    Play as a team. Qualification breakdown.

    LKT got hired today

    Charlie needs to get hired in three weeks


    Can we align on being a stand for them to be on video?

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