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     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Juliana for the notes. I’m sorry for the breakdown team that I wasn’t there and that it was last minute. The park I looked at was really cool and I am going to move up the ladder to find the person who can make the decision on leasing the campground. Also there is possibility to get some demo work and there are two trailers that I can make some money on.

    can someone share more about the ACTO conference?

    Sabrina, T do you need any support with guest clients?
    Juliana, LKT  can I support you in module 6 accountabilities?

     Juliana Sih

    ACTO conference:

    LKT – diversity and inclusion team that Sarah Schneider is leading. Attending and sharing because the group stand is to have 2 members per program. Requesting input from you all. Start a thread on forum.

    Mid term: 

    Don, Jonathan, Lesa and Ryan Mac did not pass. Coaches to share with their peeps by EOD today. JuSih owning retake that will be next Tuesday during T-Time. Jusih to share with participants on forum tomorrow.

    Extra reviewed calls:

    How much charge participants for extra review calls. AC leader body decided $150 per call if wanted to get more calls reviewed.

    Qualification standard:

    Britt – As a team come to agreement of when go out of qualification. Brittany to share on forum the exact wording and standard. Team is aligned.

    Guest clients:

    Sabs to connect with T around feedback.

    Module 6 accountabilities:

    Final oral – JuSih to own final oral.

    Final written – LKT to own, bring the vision to forum by end of the week.

    Start getting present to what you see for yourself around Grad Dinner and who will own it.

    Module 5 takeaways:

    LKT – Post module team call, what worked and what didn’t. Start a forum thread to post anything golden and what want to be held  accountable to.

    LDP call:

    Britt – Year long program, whats next? Create the next year of your life after having a transformational one. Hire coach, LDP, provide them the options. It will be an enrollment conversation – Be ready to share that you see. Intention is that bring this conversation up until graduation. You wanted some stuff, whats next is you don’t have it yet?


    Have conversation with peeps. Reminder not just about the money but about the team and their breakthrough.

    T-Time – breakthrough available in T time conversation. Poke our participants. Pattern, they begin powerful enrollment conversation and then fizzle out. What are they missing out on by conversation fizzling out?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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