Production Notes 5/26/2020

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    Production Notes May 26, 2020


    • Participant team is enrolled in 90 minutes at 3:00.
    • Are we?
    • Let’s bring them an update.
    • Nichole (or someone) will bring a post to the team
    • We know their opinions and circumstances, but we don’t know what we’re enrolled in
    • What’s missing is someone willing to be the one and not continue to put in their circumstances

    Mid-term retake

    • JuSih put up mid-term info
    • Everyone send out a reminder to your participants
    • JuSih will have results by EOD tomorrow

    Hub Call

    • It will be recorded
    • Halli can get into the weeds so we need to be there to support
    • 5:00 this evening

    Guest Client Check-in

    • Please check in with your participants
    • If anything funky, bring to team this week
    • Getting ahead of Ryan’s schedule/planning


    • Reminder to continue to support people
    • We will turn our applications in to Jeff
    • Next week we’ll bring it up again on T-Time


    • JuSih, client is still ghosting — brings her below five
    • JuSih declaration to get hired this week and next week
    • Will be at three if no action happens in two weeks
    • LKT – playing to get hired this week for LIT to stand
    • Sabs
    • Charlie – out of qual with new floor of two – sample session on Thursday
    • Charlie, get hired two more times by the end of the month


    • Decide our upcoming breakthrough now so we can decide accountabilities from that place.
    • Business and organizational coaching
    • Intregation
    • Some participants have not distinguished their seduction strategy
    • Brittany – strengths and gaps as getting close to Jr. Leader. I rely on the timeline instead of zooming out what I see. Not being a timeline bitch.
    • Britt – Breakthrough in trust
    • Charlie – still room for me in self love and be with
    • Sabrina – operating inside of hierarchy. Would love to operate outside of it.
    • JuSih: My breakthrough is “being” and owning my flavor of leadership.
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