Production Notes 6/16/2020

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     Tiffany Turner

    Production Notes – 6/16/2020

    Hallway chats

    • After t-time today
    • Leaders to share what they’re getting out of being on the leader team
    • Intention is to hold the space for connection, and for the participants to own what they want to get out of this
    • T will host Hallway Chat next week

    Mark Hunter call

    • Mark is hosting a call on race today
    • Jeff enrolled team in him attending the call and bringing back what he gets from it
    • Jeff will miss half of co-coaching and t-time today

    Workshop owner

    • Request to get Zoom info out sooner – WHO WILL CREATE AND OWN THIS PART?
    • Charlie owning workshop for module 6, Sabs to partner
    • Charlie to bring vision/declaration to forum by 6/17
    • Hosting workshop on 7/18 and 7/20
    • There’s been a missed opportunity for the participants to bring people to the workshop
      • Add this to the games call
    • Consider the timing so as to not have oral exams overlap with workshop

    Module 6 accountabilities

    • Final written – no update
    • Request that team brings to forum what they see to create for module 6 and it being remote
    • If you see something in it for you to own specific parts of the module production, please share that on forum
    • Knowing how it went for module 5, please bring what you see to do differently at module 6


    • Jeff shared that he set up a 30 min convo with Vicky to just talk about what she wants for her future, and open the door to possibility of how AC can be the vehicle for those things.


    • Juliana or T to own games portion of the call
    • Juliana or T to update Britt and LKT about who will be owning this before T-Time

    Final orals

    • Juliana checking in with Nancy around what support is needed on the participant team

    Grad dinner

    • Nichole owning
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