Production Notes 8/11/20

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     Juliana Sih

    Graduation –

    Nichole:  Created spreadsheet for grad dinner. Want to create a Both/and for food and shipping

    Ideas:  Increase the budget by 20$ to make grad dinner as close to in person as possible

    Britt: Reason not enrolled is wanting to send more personal things from us, tangible things that are celebration

    Jeff: we are creating a new graduation. Note from coach, picture.

    T to create sending a simple care package.

    Send note to not open monument

    LDP Peeps Qual – Nichole and Brittany will not be coaching next year and peeps need t get qualified. Start email thread with “this is our team”. Hold a few calls before graduation. Qual call. Paperwork fully in. Sabrina to own qualification and Nichole to support.

    Grad Materials – Juliana to Partner with Jeff to send to back office. Will send that by EOD today.

    T time – No games call today.

    SM Mask Exercise – Sabs to create Break out room. Jeff and Sabrina are leading. Nichole will also attend for support and being in a room.

    Retakes – Don did not pass his retake. T to listen to Jonathan call today.

    LDP Leader team – Juliana and Charlie to post no forum around whats so.

    Mat leave – Nancy to be coached by Britt during Mat leave. Bring voice and alignment around mat leave thread if not aligned. Hold T accountable for having Nancy paperwork flat. Bring voice by EOD tomorrow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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