Production notes 8/25/2020

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    There’s some holes in my note taking today. If anyone needs the holes filled, let me know.


    Production Call August 25

    Graduation budget:

    Nichole brought a conversation about budget

    We jumped into doing

    Going back to clean up budget and get it flat

    LKT wants to know what the budget goal is versus what already is

    Want to make sure we’re not doing any more doing

    T: We don’t have time for that

    Only spent $12.50 per person now + shipping

    We either get these out or get the budget flat

    Britt: We’re at the affect of the urgency of the packages versus the intention – we’re stuck in the weeds of the packages versus the urgency

    Monuments & Grad materials: Information has been sent to the back office. JuSih is going to follow up with Genevieve.

    DB Clips: I volunteered to support DB clips for participants, but I can’t take it on. Britt, Jeff and I were working on them. I need support with three of them. Charlie will do it.

    Britt: DB is typically an LIT or declared LIT project. What do you see in Charlie being the one to say yes.

    T: I see Charlie being at cause for training and step into something that is a higher level accountability

    Britt & Jeff will take the extra 3.

    T: DB leader clips. Brought something on forum. Please bring voice by end of day tomorrow.

    Ryan did not pass his final orals.

    Similar to the conversation about him being responsible for his graduation. I’ll bring feedback and reflect gaps in registration.

    Looking at whether or not we should provide a by when.

    Written retake: Charlie has link. Confirmed back link is in google doc.

    Jonathan oral retake on Friday, Juliana will listen to it.

    Affiliation: Call was awesome last week. Jeff has the recording. We need some paperwork from peeps. They need to hand in two things if in LDP. Standard affiliate form and proof of insurance. Will post by EOD today.

    T-Time and beyond: Life map? Create a call for next week T-time and enroll peeps.

    T to Charlie: Have you generated anything from our conversation last week? Charlie wasn’t sure what that was. T reminded him that he was going to bring it to forum.

    Charlie working on it in silence. Will play out loud and see the breakthrough in doing so.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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