production notes 8-4-20

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    Look at Charlie posting notes all punctual-like. Thanks Char Char!

     Charlie Horn

    Jeff- written final retake today at 4. Lauren, Don, Ryan, Vallerie, Nancy. turn around on tests by Friday.

    Juliana- final oral Don, Ryan have until Friday to turn in. Brittany and T to score. LKT to reach out with update.

    Graduation- bring all of our voices to Nicholes forum post by tomorrow. Look at experience to bring team together, $55 meal paid by AC.

    T- lets be colaborative, with Nichole involved in generating to have together experience for all.

    LKT- guest clients are invited. Sabrina to reach out and share day and time. Julianna to confirm spelling of names for monuments and certificates. forum post to participants around “Grad materials” complete by Friday. For Lesa, we get to create for her how we want it with lesa not graduating.

    Sabrina- T time today, remind peeps today is t time. We do a lot on t time. Lets step back and let them own the space. get up under them. supporting Ryan and Jonathan in retake. holding space, leaning back for there team.

    T- I check out when we lean back. lets give them space and not check out.

    Sabrina- Les verbal intersections and be present, hold the space.

    LKT- use chat box like passing post it notes

    Jeff- play context game and write questions

    SM mask exercise, Sabrina- I will lead next week. talk to participants about what to bring.

    Brittany- takes 45 minutes, let participants choose before t time or t time to make masks.

    LKT- affiliate call?

    LKT- update I am working through stuff, Jeremy, life, leadership. I am reaching out for support around win/loose context. Im in process and reliable to show up.

    T- I hold declare and fulfill as a breakthrough for you how can we stand for you?

    LKT- the breakthrough is there and not from doing it right. there is bigger breakthrough of marriage working.

    T- do you want us to allow kicking the can or hold you to a date?

    LKT- Team can stand for breakthrough in my relationship not attached to a deadline.

    Sabrina- We can support you by?

    LKT- Stand for me to keep bringing this conversation outside of performance and get it right.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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