Production Notes July 14, 2020

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    Module 6 Overview

    10 – 5:30 with participants


    Start with DS and problem with being me

    Rest of two first days are around organizational coaching

    Eagle turtle snake, etc.

    Mission Vision, etc.

    Random exercises

    Guest Clients


    Group Orals

    Debriefing clients


    Written test

    Life Map Exercise

    Two one-hour breaks and one two-hour breaks

    If you are not in the room, you are playing reg or grading, etc.

    Saturday: 8 am clearing, Britt and Kerry join at 8:50

    Sunday & Monday: Possibly 8:30

    Break owner

    Link owner

    Reg owner

    Google Doc owner

    Re: Links:

    SDI July 2020 Folder

    That’s where we also upload all the stuff

    Nichole will post about owners on forum after call. Reply by Co-coaching.

    Guest Coaching:

    Orin is the only person who is available on Saturday. Sabs will creating a forum post to share what she sees. Brittany wants coaching to stay on Saturday.

    Final Oral:

    Quick update, in communication with Nancy and will have everyone flat by today. Will send out an email on Friday to the guests.

    Request that JuSih not do it alone with final orals.


    We are looking at three people total who have registered for the workshops. Four for the information call.

    What’s needed to have this go differently? Charlie, what’s needed is my presence. I need to reach out for support and reach out for partnership and help. Will create that today.


    My declaration to have my LDP application in by Friday did not get created. What did get created was breakthrough in partnership with Jeremy. He’s not enrolled. Six hours of conversation! Friday shot Jeff alignment to extend until Wednesday. Have decision by tomorrow.

    LDP Apps:

    All are in from team except for LKT

    Britt and Jeff are getting trained to share what’s next

    Andrew declared hers by end of day

    Nancy submitted hers today


    Juliana: Last week I got hired. My declaration is to get hired this week to be at five. I still want my number to be at six. Then I will be in integrity. I have four sample sessions this week, and I want to schedule another one.

    Britt: The only thing I’ll put in is I am a stand that you get qualified before module or you are not in attendance. We’re standing for participants to be fully in integrity before they walk through the door and it’s our work to do the same.

    Zooming out, that we’re all in integrity, etc.


    Please read vision and respond by the end of the week.

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