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    Objective: Be the healthiest, happiest, and hottest I’ve been in my life

    Measure: Lose 30 pounds, develop a solid wellness routine, and buy a designer dress in my new size by my 41st birthday.


    Future Vision:

    Today is September 12, 2020 and I am turning 41. I am the healthiest I’ve been in my adult life and I feel amazing.

    It’s hard to describe how I feel. Getting ready for today, I did a lot of shopping and planning. And none of it was stressful because I feel good in my body, I am free from worry, and I am supported. I have everything I need and have a glow about me. I am strong, beautiful, and powerful.

    It seemed like only in my daydreams I could be decking myself out in BCBG with a banging body, glowing skin, and cool-as-a-cucumber essence on the same day I turn 41.

    I’m not worried about the angles in which someone might take a picture. I’m perfectly happy stepping onto any stage and being powerful in my being. When I speak, people listen. When I come into a room, people pay attention.

    I am a straight up head turner. 



    • Knowledge about health and nutrition
    • Mindset 
    • Know what works for my body
    • Willpower
    • Ontological training
    • Visualization techniques
    • Creativity with putting meals together
    • Background is physical training
    • Motivation



    • Noom
    • Elliptical machine
    • Weights
    • Yoga mat
    • Tennis shoes
    • A dog to walk 
    • De’Anna Nunez for mindset
    • My coach for accountability
    • AC team for accountability
    • Jocelyn as my diet/workout buddy



    Small: Mani/Pedi, Night out with the kids, Shopping (up to $100)

    Medium: Spa Day, Overnight trip to Idyllwild (or similar), Shopping (up to $200)

    Large: Designer Dress (up to $3,000)



    September 1, 2020: Buy myself a stunning dress

    August 15: Have maintained weight loss for 30 days

    July 15, 2020: 30 pounds lost!

    June 15, 2020: 25 pounds down, 5 to go

    May 15, 2020: 20 pounds down, 10 to go

    April 15, 2020: 15 pounds down, 15 to go

    March 15, 2020: 10 pounds down, 20 to go


    Action Plan:

    I started this journey three weeks ago and have lost about 8 pounds already. My plan is to get to 10 pounds by March 15th. I feel I already have that in the bag and I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. So I’m going to attach rewards to the milestones instead of actions, because it’s a daily practice and it’s the same thing every day, which includes:

    • Log all food/calories in Noom
    • Walk 10,000 steps and/or spend 30 minutes on the elliptical
    • No gluten
    • Limited grains and dairy
    • Basically no sugar (no added sugars or process sugars)

    Milestone Rewards:

    • Small reward for each 5 pounds lost
    • Medium Reward at 20 pounds
    • Large reward at 30 pounds



    Objective: Achieve “Next Level” Leadership and Lead Powerfully from That Place

    Measure: Launch Public Office Campaign by March 01, 2021


    Future Vision:

    Today is March 01, 2021 and I am taking my papers to the county offices to submit my running for public office. I have waited for this day for so long! 

    I’ve wanted to be a public servant since I was a kid in student government. In high school when I was deciding what office to run for, I chose Vice President. It seemed safe. I knew I could win. If I ran for President, I knew I’d be running against someone like Reid Allred or Britt Robinson. They seemed better than me. Smarter, more stable, more popular. Vice President was the ticket for me, and I won.

    Those feelings of being half-way into my power and leadership stayed with me for a long time, but ended when I created this project and decided to step all the way in to my leadership. To really own my impact and find my voice. It was my own voice all this time that just needed to be empowered. 

    I gave up tip-toe-ing and second guessing. I gave up worrying if the thing I think/feel/say is popular or the right thing. I stopped keeping myself small so as to protect the fragility of others. I stopped apologizing for wanting a better, different life for myself, my kids, my friends, and my community.

    Now, as I submit my papers I am confident that whether I win or lose, I am making an impact. My voice is important. My ideas are brilliant. People will hear me. I am going somewhere and I am not attached to the outcome of the journey because I fully trust that everything is as it should be and I can be as loud and powerful as I want to be.

    I am unstoppable.



    • Political training through Emerge America
      • Speaking how peopl listen
      • Defining your message
      • Answering tough questions
      • Physical hacks for getting over nerves
    • Ontological coach and leadership training
    • Communication
    • Writing
    • Social media
    • Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Community building
    • Problem solving
    • Research and analysis
    • Speaking



    • AC Team
    • Supportive network of friends/colleagues
    • Emerge Sisters and admin
    • Laura Fink (not the AC Laura Fink, the political strategist)
    • Coaching clients
    • Coach
    • De’Anna Nunez for peak performance training
    • Hera Hub for resources and support
    • Sash VIP for support
    • S.A.S.H. Membership for support
    • Social media following
    • Brian Smith for speaking gigs
    • Stephanie Burns for speaking gigs and legacy building



    Small: Mani/Pedi, Night out with the kids, Shopping (up to $100)

    Medium: Spa Day, Overnight trip to Idyllwild (or similar), Shopping (up to $200)

    Large: Weekend vacation, Shopping (up to $500)



    February 28, 2021: Paperwork ready to go!

    February 15, 2021: Campaign messaging finalized

    February 1, 2021: Campaign visuals finalized

    December 1, 2020: Choice of office finalized, start working on messaging and visuals

    November 10, 2020: Consult with Emerge and Laura to choose office

    November 3, 2020: ELECTION RESULTS! See who won and who lost and what’s open

    October 2020: Speaking gig

    September 2020: Speaking gig

    August 2020: Speaking gig

    July 2020: Speaking gig

    May 30 2020: Function Show


    Action Plan:

    The Function Show will serve as a public forum to demonstrate my leadership. I will be speaking from stage to 1,500 people alongside celebrity guest, Nina Garcia. This is a great place to practice speaking, being in my power, and not being nervous. Here’s what I want to work on leading up to that:


    • Lead more on the AC Team: Medium Reward
      • Lead a tool in front of the room during module: Small Reward
      • Lead a call with participants: Small Reward
      • Lead a team call or activity: Small Reward
    • Organize and lead an event for entrepreneurs: Medium Reward
      • Practice proprietary problem-solving tool in workshop format: Small Reward
    • Create FS team: Medium Reward
      • Schedule and lead a meeting for volunteers: Small Reward
      • Schedule and lead a meeting for designers: Small Reward
      • Schedule and lead a meeting for fundraisers: Small Reward
    • Practice Enrollment: Large Reward
      • Register one person into CTP by March 30: Small Reward
      • Register second person into CTP by April 30: Small Reward
      • Register third person to CTP by May 30: Small Reward
    • Write FS speech and panel questions: Small Reward
    • Smash my speech, the panel, and the event: Large Reward



    I am utilizing the forum as a structure to hold myself accountable to creating and empowering my project designs. I am working on them today and will post them here as I complete them. My project areas are:

    Next Level Leadership

    Next Level Creativity

    Next Level Health, Happiness, and Hotness

    Publish My Fucking Book

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