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     Tiffany Turner

    Mike, I’ll be your Tuesday person for the next 4 weeks.

     Aarti Mallya

    My breakdown is in having little to no fun. Just doing, trying to do so much more than ever before and having high expectations of myself. Plus I let scarcity and perfectionism take so much of my energy and time. Then I go into my pity party when I’m not doing all the things and try to push harder until I burn out. Even though I have been in more action than ever before it just doesn’t seem to be good enough cause I’m not excelling in all area’s that I want to be and getting the results. So then I feel ashamed, worthless, etc… Now that I think I’ve put enough explication on the negative and shat all over myself let talk about what really matters.

    Fun and acknowledgement are the big foundational pieces for me

    I see the opportunity to play with my schedule. I know what I value most and what is going to serve now and toward the direction I want to go. Which is most of what I have in my leadership check list I’ve created…Focus First – All serving/structures – 1. Health-Mind, Body, Soul – 2. Fast $-Lyft, odd jobs, other Money 3. Relationships-Fun, Relationships, dates. 4. Business- Coaching and Speaking.

    I’m thinking what will be most beneficial for me and my being is list all the things and put a gauge on how much each one fills my cup and drains my cup. I have it that it’s the order and how I’m relating to some of this stuff is killing me. I will these things to my coach.

    I was thinking today and highly considering getting 7 people to have a certain day of the week where they text, call, or even email me for the next four weeks acknowledging me.


     Juliana Sih

    Several things come to mind for me here. Consistency, community and my relationship with Being the One.

    I already created some structures around consistency and feel supported. What I see around community is that I haven’t really found my people (outside of AC). I haven’t searched or tried to create new connections and I crave that whether its in church, yoga or Burning Man. My relationship to Being the One is wonky. It fluctuates between feeling selfish and it’s my agenda, to its a lot of work, to elation. There is something there for me to look at and will bring it to my coach.

     Tiffany Turner

    Team, I want to share what’s so around Qual going into this weekend:

    • Sabrina – 1 FP (GAP of 2)
    • Quinn – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
    • Charlie – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
    • Mike – 1 FP (GAP of 2)
    • Nichole – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
    • Juliana – 3 FP (GAP of 1)
    • LKT – 3 FP (GAP of 1)

    I notice that our team is in a TON of action, and not producing the declared results (myself included), and it has me wonder what is Out about our team Being, and what is Out for each of us in who we’re Being about our declared results?

    A place we’ve discussed a lot as a team has been Quinn and his money breakdown. I have it that if Quinn handled his money breakdown, how that one breakdown spills over into so many other parts of his life would be handled. LKT and I had a convo yesterday and distinguished that the thing she’s avoiding and not handling, is a breakdown in her marriage. For me, it’s that I’m not reliable to find a way forward in team/leadership outside of Control & Manage – and I can see the impact of this everywhere.

    What’s out for you? What’s the big, foundational piece that you’re not addressing, that’s spilling over into every corner of your life?

    Will you share that here so that we can support you in it?

    With love,



    I revised my proposal submitted to the 3 founders and am standing for 1-3 of them hiring me by Friday. I had a SS today that resulted in a follow-up on Friday. I need to get a referral from Cailin who just shared she may have someone with me and follow up with Elena’s referral.

    I will be getting complete on my game by tomorrow morning before going back in with Shawna P, Lauren, and confirm SS with Christina K.

    Who else is *this* close!?



    Hi T! Thanks for bringing your support to Qualification. I’ll get paperwork in for De’Anna on Thursday, and Deborah on Friday. I have a call with a potential client named Jackie on Thursday. I declare her paperwork in also on Friday.

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     Charlie Horn

    Thanks T for your commitment to support. I see for myself to create a morning routine that has me making calls before noon. And then empowering that time instead of squirreling out when a distraction comes my way.

     Tiffany Turner

    Team –

    We have 7 days to close a steep gap. It’s so possible. And it’s going to take some NSNK action from us.

    I’m relating to the qualification gaps as I see them in our team spreadsheet. I have it that Sabrina, Quinn, Charlie, and Nichole all have a gap of 3. Mike and LKT each have a gap of 2, and Juliana has a gap of 1.

    Charlie and Quinn – I notice both of you have a higher level of commitment to your feelings, than action. Not from a place of make-wrong, but from a place of Stand, what will it take to get you into new action at a higher level than ever before, around generating clients?

    Nichole and Sabrina – I have it that you’re in action and fully reliable to generate your 3 client gaps. What can I do to support you?

    Mike, LKT, and Juliana – I’m present to you all being in action daily towards your client games, and I’m unclear where I can serve in partnership to you. Will you put in what you see here?

    Team, I’m committed to DAILY outreach to every teammate who’s not qualified. The commitment is to ask what action the person will be in to move their client game forward, and what support they need from me/team.

    TEAM, THIS CANNOT BE IF YOU DO NOT PLAY OUT LOUD. This post is a demand that everyone over communicate about all things AC. Consider this forum thread a structure to your qualification. Bring what’s so, and what you need here. We got you!



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