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     Charlie Horn


    Wes had a moment of reconsidering coaching. He ghosted me and requested a refund on his credit card. We have spoken and he is back on track. I trusted that this was just something that was coming up for him and we would figure it out. I did have some thoughts feelings and body sensations around what I may have missed. We are having our first paid session next wednesday.

    Pedro has not returned my calls and texts to get our first session scheduled. I’m not letting it get me hooked and I am going to continue to stand for him to get all he wants out of his life. From here I trust we will be in a routine soon.

    I declare to be hired and supporting a third human  in designing the life of there dreams by Wednesday of next week.

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Brittany,

    I truly believe getting hired has been a team effort and congratulations all on our win here with Wes. If it isn’t the power of the universe through all of your stand and belief in me it is certainly an unconscious imprinting of all that has been to have me in a place where I can just have a quick and easy sample session and a short hiring conversation to get a yes. Im sure the workshop had a lot to do with laying the planks. Juliana, Jeff, LKT I am in gratitude for you.

    What had me shifting to simple and easy was a call with Laura around taking the time before the coaching session to get super present to the client and their what for. To see them through the lens of powerful, perfect, complete and be enrolled in them. It has reminded me of how I generate relationship with someone before I am with them. As if I focus the lens to see what I want and when I encounter that person it will be what I see them as. My Sample Session with Wes was about him and not me. that is a newerish experience for me. Im sure he felt that. I can’t wait for more.

    Its a breakdown I am not having two sample sessions tomorrow. I am going to have two or more per day starting Wednesday moving forward. Tomorrow is a full day for me. I will make it happen.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie!

    Hows it going generating 2 SS a day??

    Have you gotten in touch with Wes’s greatness and power so he has no questions about how enrolled you are in him?

    What is necessary for you to create TODAY to have us be in a different conversation? By when will you be hired?

    How else can we support??

     Charlie Horn


    I am disqualified. Molly rescheduled our last coaching call last night for Monday. and while the technicality is we have to complete that call I want to own I have not been hired again and am out of qualification. I have a Sample session scheduled with Wes for Monday afternoon and he will be hiring me then. Javier wants to start back up with coaching and not now. I am going to continue the conversation about when next week. He has a coaching referral for me and is going to get me connected with that person after he has a conversation with him. I am committed to getting hired three times and be a fully qualified program coach.

    I am committed to it being simple and easy from a place of being self enrolled, present to my greatnesses, the greatness of all I engage in hiring conversations with, generating a powerful stand for others greatness by relating to them as simply there essence, setting down the pain (hard) over and over. I don’t see it requiring a big project design full of large arduous uphill doing. I am going to have two sample sessions a day until I get hired three times.

    What I need from team is to check in with me on Monday by noon to see if I have generated the stand and vision of Wes’s power and greatness so he will have no questions about how enrolled I am in him getting everything he wants in life So he knows I believe in him more than anyone he has ever experienced.

    Know that I will continue to make calls for referrals and set up this weekend and next week to meet my declared 2 sample sessions a day.


     Charlie Horn

    Nichole, thank you for responding. Laura is my coach and we are in the conversation around how I can use AC to get what I want out of my life. I am playing the game from the rules I am making up in my head based on my experiences so far. I’m at a choice point where I can see more clearly that I have the opportunity to make it up how I want to. that is the foundation for me and self enrollment. I don’t know how that will be from here.
    My practice from my call with Laura yesterday is to wipe the slate clean all the way down to the cracked up wobbly foundation I have been building my work on. Work being all things coaching. Projects, client game, how I see the rules of the program, playing covertly on the edge of being in, fully committed/enrolled.

    What Laura and I have been up to mostly is around forgiveness, integration, fanning the flames of possibility, self worth.
    My bathroom mirror is littered with print and posts, I have four medium post it’s on my back door for each of the breakthroughs I am working on right now. I write down something every day (and I date the entries so I can see when I skip a day or 6 ?. It is the reinforcing evidence for the ways of being I want to own in my life and my SM will have me believing otherwise. Consistently.

    1) I am a man of higher earning power

    2) I am organized, efficient, effective

    3) I am a man of integrity. I do what I say I’m going to do.
    4) I am a high impact coach.

    each of these are opposite to my SM driven unconscious core beliefs. I have made a consistent work of finding all the evidence that has me not living my life in alignment with the these new core beliefs that are access to all the things I want in life.

    I have a year and a half of practices created and tested and used as a way to fix something. Over the last few months after graduating and playing with you all as support coach I can see exponential change in how I am being with my intentions around practices. I’m so easily set back into playing small. It has worked for 42 years. I’m still alive and kicking so it must be working, right? Says my SM. I am going in and out of my new lens that sees it as all possible and the old one of I’m not good enough, better hide before I get a solid shot of criticism across the jaw. I take on completion. I have been seeing Sarah, my therapist, for 4 years now and I integrate coaching and therapy in the same direction.

    what will have “it” go differently? If “it” were my experience of life then it has been going dramatically differently. I have experienced levels of peace and joy I couldn’t know as obtainable. And I can see so much more available.
    And if “it” is my client game………I’m working on that. And it starts with a complete excavation of the foundation that has gotten me here. I am starting from a fresh finish grade before I form up and pour new concrete. The idea of being self enrolled on a cracked slab has me out whenever the wind blows.
    I’m ready to release the white knuckled death grip I have on playing small and bankrupt the power it has had over me. I’m ready to own all of me as not only good enough but valuable worthy and desirable.

    What do you see from here for me?
    I know, consistent action. It is going to happen.
    what else?



    Thanks for sharing, Charlie. I’m hearing you state what you want and your commitments, and ownership that you are not in action around your commitments, which is not new. What do you think is the thing that will have it go differently? What conversations are you bringing to your coach around this, and what is the experience you’re having there? Who is your coach? Just curious. Looking forward to your enrollment on FRIDAY!! ?

     Charlie Horn


    I have really been hiding from doing the work to generate the being that it takes to get into action and get hired. I am continuing to cycle in and out of my commitment to being a coach and being self enrolled in a coaching practice. I want to do coach stuff and I don’t want to have a coaching practice.  What I do want are all the qualities that come with being a coach so I can live a life of connection and fulfillment.
    From all of that I don’t put any urgency into client game, reg and being 3 FP client qualified.
    one thing I am looking at is how I can use AC as the structure to get what I want out of my life. I’m not sure where to go with it right now. I am in process. It’s a breakdown that I am not playing all out on this team. All out = empowered. It doesn’t mean doing more.
    Thank you all for your patience with me. I would love to be in the space of empowered with client and reg games. I have been there for moments and they have been few and far between. I want to be at a place where the moments of disempowered are few and far between. And in every area of my life.

    I get really stuck in having to do it right and I look over that I can create something different for myself. I make it up that it is a bigger time commitment than I am willing to take on. And I can see that it isn’t a fact that what is needed takes a lot of time. What is more fact is that how I am being and doing is taking a lot of time and it doesn’t have to. I don’t know exactly where to go with all of this but I do declare to make it work for me and for you. I am also willing to go slow is fast with it all.

    I am committed to living my best life. I am committed to continuing with you all and AC. I am committed to getting hired before my last coach call with molly. I am committed to doing it from a new foundation or empowered and not from fix or because I have to.

    this is not an enrollment it is a reporting of what is so. I will bring enrollment by Friday 🙂

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