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     Charlie Horn

    LKT, I notice I completely forgot about this thread.

    I am a demand for my life to work and all of your lives to work. Work means being with it all and taking small actions every day to get what we want. sometimes what we want is sleep.

    I make of the silence that there is a breakdown in consistency, structure, enrollment, presence. and I see the three fingers pointing back at me.

    I see we each get to enroll the team around what works for us as far as the floor of clients to be qualified. It’s clear you all see through the shenanigans and what is and isn’t actually working for us.

    What is the +1? what does that mean. for instance. LKT said – I have 5+1 FP clients.



    That clarification is helpful, LKT. For the first time, when you shared around qual on production yesterday, I heard the way you were speaking like it was more sneaky through confusion, than just confusing. Like you were speaking in a way that would convince us that there was nothing to see behind the curtain. Thanks for opening the curtain.


    Charlie, apologies on the silence to your question here. What do you make of the silence and what do you notice? I see the intention of the stand and the floor being raised is to call forth the possibility of thriving businesses as normal and more access to power, especially for those of us who ride the line and could really benefit from the room in our practices to not have this power leak. I don’t see that a rule of raising the floor every time a person goes out of qualification necessarily serves each person, and I see it’s something to take a look at and create enrollment around.

    Here’s what’s so for me.

    1. I have 5+1 FP clients. My brand new client is now paid and 1 client is unpaid and declared for Friday.
    2. My floor to be Qualified as a Program Coach is 4, having fallen below 3 at one time.
    3. My floor to be Qualified as LiT is 6, as I’ve fallen below the baseline stand for LiT of 5.
    I apologize for the confusion this puts in the space. I am Qualified as a PC, and I am not yet qualified for LiT. I am working toward the breakthroughs that would have me producing different results from a different place. I’m seeing a post with stand from T as a post just now and will hop over there shortly!
    Is there something specific ya’ll need around my numbers / floors, etc.? Some of you spoke to a beingness of somehow what applies to you doesn’t apply to me or vice versa, and with the above hopefully clear, what else does team need?
     Charlie Horn

    What I am hearing is that once out of qualification we are each required to add one more client to be back in qualification. So I am unqualified at this point until I have 2 FP clients? I am playing to have 3 and this would be great to have a new sense of urgency to get there.
    let’s say I get 2 clients and I then fall out of qualification back to 1. Am I then needing to have 3 to be back in qualification? Does it bump up every time we fall out of qualification? This is great to be with the fun of the game aspect of it. It is a totally new experience for me. 🙂

     Tiffany Turner


     Brittany Cotton

    Hi Team!

    Per our discussion on Production, I am writing this so we have somewhere we can refer back to, and see as our team’s declaration and stand when it comes to qualification.

    We all agree that the intention is to never go out of qualification, as our clients hire us with the agreement that they will give us 30 days notice. When clients are in alignment with this- we play out loud, and let our team know we have 30 days to get re hired to stay in qualification. Sometimes, we don’t get hired in 30 days, nor do our clients always give us notice. Our commitment is that once we are out of qualification, we have 30 days to get re-qualified, which also entails raising our floor (i.e. if you were at 3FP and you dropped, your new floor is 4FP). If you do not get hired in those 30 days, it is up to you to bring an enrollment to team of what you see/say to keep your participants and stay on team.

    Everyone aligned on this on production. T and Charlie, will you bring your voices to this thread?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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