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     Sabrina Pratt

    Also, Charlie, you declared to be hired by 2 full pay clients by EOD this Thursday- how goes it?!

     Sabrina Pratt
    Hi Team!
    Just so we are all in the loop and because I know Charlie is still on vacay so he can see this when he returns. So, no more Monday 9am calls!
    From now on- here’s the support structure per LKT’s email just now:
    10:30-11am Production Call 
    2-3pm Qualification & Support Call (This time is subject to change to accommodate for Steve’s time zone, and after our first module, will become our weekly Co-coaching call).
    12-12:30pm Registration & Enrollment Call
     Sabrina Pratt
    WOW! What a remarkable call we had today! Right after our call I ate an avocado. AND when I cut into the avo I found out it had no pit! Just pure avo GOLD. Yummy. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Apparently it is very, very rare so I feel super lucky!!! Possibility lives everywhere. Miracles are abundant!
    We will NOT have a call this coming Monday 9/14/20- we will empower a well being day after an incredible graduation celebration weekend!
    I can not wait!!!
     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!!!

    Jeff reflected to me earlier this week that the team was not fully enrolled in what I was bringing around support structures to support playing qual. and client game for new LDP peeps. Jeff also reflected that I was really controlling the doing and maybe I could get more team enrollment so that we can create this together. Super down with this! I definitely want to lead this game and not do all of the things.

    I personally really like the idea of a 9am PST on Mondays zoom call to get the week started powerfully. AND I get that the day/time doesn’t work for Steve (who told me he does not want to be included or play qual./client game with this team right now anyway) and that some members of our team have conflicts with the day/time. Currently all of our new LDP peeps are available for this day/time and are stoked to have a 30min. call on Mondays so I am inclined to keep this day/time for the LDP Qual. Support calls moving forward AND I am unattached. I am open to creating something that really works for and with our team.

    So, team, what do you see? What do you need to be enrolled?

    AND- related leader win here:

    Nancy has created an additional daily support calls to really beef up the accountability and the support. I have included you all on the email correspondence. And, I am also copy/pasting from Nancy’s email here:

    Daily calls starting Monday 9/7 
    Time:  4:00 PST/7:00 EST
    Duration:  1 hour – the last 30 min of the call will be saved for power (1/2) hour.   Make all calls, post and follow ups.  
    To be clear and set expectations:  
    <u>What this call is:</u>
    To align our actions with our commitment.  
    We signed up to be on the LDP and part of the commitment is to get hired by 3 clients.  We will spend time on client generation activities on the first call <u>only.</u>  The rest of the calls you are responsible for coming with the updates from the previous call and any support needed.  We will also keep each other accountable outside the call.  Pick a buddy or even the whole team to help support you outside the call.   Whats up seems to work.
    <u>What this call is NOT:</u>
    Check fear at the door.  Or whatever you have been holding onto around getting clients.  Please get complete about your client game what is and what is not prior to the call.  (daily if needed)
    Using Steve’s Zoom Line:
    Meeting ID: 692 159 098
    Passcode: ESSENCE


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