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    Hey y’all! So I have two clients flat. One that should be flat by tomorrow. And a fourth should be flat by the end of the week. I’m going to try and get more clients so I have an extra or two in case any of them don’t work out, and also because I need money since I am now spending five gajillion dollars in attorneys fees and someone please tell me to breathe….

    Anyway, here’s my website if you want to share it with anyone you know who might be a good fit for me and my sass: https://www.nicholemacdonald.com/


    Woo hoo! Thanks for the community call forth. I am at 4+1 and need to put one woman into my group by 11/30 or get 1 FP to remain at 4. 1 FP + 1 in my group puts me at 5 FP!

    I am hopping on a SS right now (in 6 minutes!) and have another at 11:30am PT. I will hop on Zoom so I can see your beautiful faces and keep my lines muted.

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Sabrina, Jeff, Tiffany,

    I do not have any coaching clients. What I need is support in completion, to take on lots of action completing sample sessions, be unattached to my outcomes, stand for others regardless of outcome, Trust myself, be direct and ask people to hire me, be talking coaching with whoever I am with. And if anyone has a lead I can follow up on I would certainly appreciate it.

     Tiffany Turner

    I am! And while I’ve had one on one support calls with Mike & Charlie, I’ve not stood in my full power to lead qual. Thank you so much for leading and being in action without permission or qualifying your action! It was wonderful waking up to this post and feeling so supported by you, I’m sure Charlie and Mike feel the same.

    Sabrina, I have it that you were a version of client game leader your program year, and that Mike and Charlie have deep trust and partnership with you. Are you willing to partner with me in leading qual this weekend and continuing to support Mike and Charlie through module 2?

    Mike/Charlie – as our two team members who are playing qual, will you share what’s so, and what you see you need between now and Module 2, to be flat in qualification as a PC?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks again Sabrina for putting your voice on here! Thanks for creating the power hours tomorrow. I will be with clients all day and won’t be able to attend those. Similar to other items with team, please empower the “team integrity” tab on our google doc to put what is so with everyone’s client game.

    I am currently at 9+2 and I have a declaration to get hired 3 times by Nov. 15th. I have 2 SS next week, and am following up with a former client the week after that. I am spending a least 2 hours per week on pipeline building and client game.

    Who else?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Power Hours on Monday 11/4/19 from 9am-12pm at Zoom Meeting ID: 245-917-500

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    It has been on my heart to check in around our qualification game. I realize that I do not have a clear picture of what is so with team. Will you please comment on this thread where you are with qualification? It has been difficult for me to mentally track and I can see opportunity for all of us to use this thread for support around getting and staying qualified.

    T- I have it that you are our qual. game leader for the year. Is this still so? If yes, will you please bring your voice and leadership to our team around qualification? I believe we have 2 or more members of our team who are not qualified and potentially some wobblers with clients completing, etc.

    I’ll go first:

    I am at 3 full pay clients on 6 month contracts and one group on a 3 month contract (so 4 full pay). I have another full pay client who is currently in breakdown/ghosting me/refusing to pay that I am standing for. I am committed to 6 full pay before we sit at next module and am in adequate action in alignment with that commitment. I have 2 sample sessions scheduled for Monday and 1 more on Tuesday. I am scheduling sample sessions for Weds. Thurs. & Friday.

    Right now the support I need is to know that I am not alone and that my team has my back. Acknowledgement to keep going is always welcome. My SM likes to tell me I am a liar and a fake and a loser  no matter what I am doing or not doing so that voice getting loud can really inhibit/stop my progress.


    Team- where are all of you? What support do you need?

    All my love;



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