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     Juliana Sih

    1. What do you need? I need accountability and acknowledgement. Just simply telling me that everything is going to be ok reminds me that I am not some spec in the dust and that there is a reason why I am here. The accountability will support me in staying out of my head and in action. I’d love a schedule someone text me daily to check in on a) calls made 2) stops 3) share my wins. If I am being outrageous, which I will be, I would say enroll one of your clients to work with me. Sabs and Nichole, you mentioned that you are looking to let go of some people. If they are open to it, send them my way.

    Who’s got me today and tomorrow for accountability and check in? Who’s got me next week?

    2. What is missing from us, that wouldn’t have this be a Juliana Qual breakdown, but a team qual breakdown? I know whats missing from me here is play out loud.

    3. You said you are incomplete and not empowered around my stand for you. What are you empowered around? What does being in integrity with team and module look like? I’m empowered around being in action and getting hired. Integrity with team looks like having 4FP client flat and showing up. It looks like playing reg and client game when we are not in the room. If you don’t hear from me either on group me or forum, call me out, ask whats happening, what action will I take right now to move me forward. At module it looks like me being present, speaking up and if I am not, asking for what I need. It looks like me being in connection and taking responsibility for my Being!

     Jeff Miller

    I want to acknowledge you for being able to be with feedback and being transparent about where you are at? Also for getting supported and recommitted to going to therapy. Aside from your breakthrough, what else will make the difference in your client game? How can you leverage TEAM in creating the life you want now?

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks so much Juliana for playing out loud and creating breakthroughs for yourself. AND for shutting the back doors.

    A few things:

    1. What do you need?

    2. What is missing from us, that wouldn’t have this be a Juliana Qual breakdown, but a team qual breakdown?

    3. You said you are incomplete and not empowered around my stand for you. What are you empowered around? What does being in integrity with team and module look like?

    Love ya!

     Juliana Sih

    Just wanted to share a little about where I am at..

    This week has been weird, I’ve been at my mom house where I get infiltrated with the news. COVID this, school shut down, testing, highest numbers ever. Gah! In addition, it’s a module weekend and it doesn’t feel like it. I wish I was hopping on a plane and switching gears to be in a different location because that always gets me in my being.

    Today I did a BUFCA on trust. It felt good to declare the breakdown. Inside of my client game lies an important piece that I often don’t trust myself. A lot of waffling comes from that place. It’s no wonder I have waffling potential clients! I am in process of closing all my back doors and could use support. When I am in a CG breakdown, the first waffling that comes up is around AC and if I am a good coach. It’s like my whole worth comes into play and my SM has a ball with that. This morning I was thinking about Trump and Fauci. It feels like my SM is Trump. Fauci is trying to support and fix things. And what really needs to happen is for Trump and Fauci to work together lol.

    I decided I will go back to therapy on a regularly (at least 2x per month). I will work on scheduling and creating that this month. There is some deeper healing for me to do.

    Britt’s stand for qualification on Tuesday kinda threw me for a loop. And thinking about it now, I am incomplete. I see where the stand is coming from and I’m not empowered around it.

    I want to own that the person that hired me Friday is waffly. He paid and now wants a refund which is weird because we haven’t done any coaching yet. Never happened to me before! I have 2 SS today and I know I will get hired. This too shall pass and I will look back and see this time as a challenge that helped me to grow and believe in who I am as a person. I declare getting hired 1:1 and bring on someone else for my group!

    Thanks for reading. I will not hide because of my shame or guilt. I will bring all of myself here and everywhere I go 🙂

    My breakthrough for this module is BEING. I am starting right meow!

     Juliana Sih

    This past week on my coaching call, I got asked the question, do I relate to myself as “lazy”. And at first I was like, not really. I’m not laying around on the couch all day, smoking a doobie. But if I took a deeper look at my being, and if I’m honest with myself, that is where my laziness plays out most. Staying inside my comfort zone is lazy, not interrupting someone on my coaching call is lazy, not saying the uncomfortable thing is lazy, zoning out and being half present is lazy. And gah, that really got me thinking about my lazy habits.

    There are plenty of places for me to show up, especially from Rigor and Power. It’s clear that I am capable and talented, no one is doubting that (except myself). After my call, I kept thinking about where I show up lazy, and it shows up in different flavors all over my life. With Josh, I get lazy in listening to him and wanting to be right. In client game, I self-negotiate. In my health, I say I am fine with my body shape yet yearn for a physical challenge and don’t do anything about it. So that in process of shifting and I’m excited about it.

    Y’all I got hired this week and created a new group! And I’m ready to get hired some more and have my life work. I will NOT go back to a corporate job!

    I declare getting hired 1:1 next week and continue getting hired once a week. This declaration makes me nervous, but what’s available on the other side is so much 🙂 And I will need support in continuing to play, especially in accountability, referrals and getting support in the moment. I have 2 sample sessions scheduled so far and committed to generating 3 more before co-coaching! One a day is great 🙂

    Also I like the positive consequence that Charlie shared. I will run 4 miles if I don’t meet my declaration next week! And since I didn’t get hired twice this week (2FP), I am going to run up the SF hill 12x this weekend. It’s basically a block but steep, look out for pictures of me being dead on the hill on groupme.

     Charlie Horn

    -What’s the next breakthrough you are working on?


    -What project will that impact in your life?

    All of them

    -What person consequence will you put on the table if I don’t get hired? (e.g.doing some exercise that we despise, or giving up something we love to eat for a month)

    juliana I love the look at the positive consequences. If you aren’t hired per your declaration I will wake up early and run 3 miles a day for a week.

    -List 1 of your strengths and a weakness?

    Perseverance and self criticism

    -Are you enrolled in playing as a team, created your next breakthrough and in the process support mine?


     Charlie Horn


    you are amazing and primed for a shift in being that will have you getting hired 2 more times being simple. It’s like it has already happened.
    first- will it be 1 or 2 more sample sessions today?
    will you practice being specific?
    There was so much gold in all your posts that I want to create a long post to reflect on all of it and I am going to just pick the one I see as most foundational. “ I try to control my emotions so that I can avoid pain.”. Me too!!  I think this component is the hinge point that has us all take a hard left into all the head based ways of being and out of the heart based ways of being. It’s the catalyst for self fulfilling prophecy. The irony in it is that it actually stokes the flames of pain keeping us stuck in it. What practice will you take on to surrender the control of emotion?
    I am enrolled in supporting you in all you are looking for and requested here. What structure do you need support in setting up with us in order to be supported?

     Juliana Sih

    Positive consequence hmmm. Will think more about that 🙂

    In terms of my career, I view coaching much like an art. It is about being in the moment and dancing with the other person. I love coaching, want to be really good it and make an impact on lots of people’s lives. Other artistic endeavors I am taking on is writing my book and painting.  I think my initial book about emotions is going to take longer to write than I expected. I want to incorporate philosophy and psychology into it which will take research and storytelling. I can start my beaver book sooner than that!

    Sabs I love the beaver meaning! Feeling that strongly.

    I will continue to share when I book SS and when I have them. I have one this morning at 9am! I declare generating 1-2 more sample sessions today for this week.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Wow! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!!!  The part that hit the hardest for me is the motivation to pick up client game so as not to go back to a corporate job. I am so motivated by that as well. The idea of having a boss literally turns my stomach, I’m like a wild animal who now knows the glory of running free and I can not go back to the cage. totally freaking get that!!! Here to support you!!! Please feel free to call, text, all the things- any time!!!

    Beaver medicine is absolutely beautiful and so perfect for re-creation!!!

    When Beaver Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to use your natural resources to create and build. You may have the idea that there is only one solution to your problem. Beaver seeks to show you that there are many ways to build and escape so that you’ll never find yourself trapped or cornered.


     Tiffany Turner

    Like Nichole, I was sure “beaver” was a typo.

    I really loved reading what you’ve learned about your relationship to art. Now that you’ve said it, I feel like, “OH DUH! How did we all miss that until now?!”

    Does this realization change anything about your vision for your career?

    And thanks for sharing with us as you book SS’s on the GroupMe, that level of communication, even if we’re not all responding to each update, is a nice shift in your ownership of where you’re at in breakdown.

    Love you!

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