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     Jeff Miller

    Hey Juliana,

    How is your qualification going? I have a confession to make. The other day I was talking with LKT and I realized that I was resigned with who you were being around your client game. For me it was landing like the same old same, and I wasn’t clear if anything has shifted. So I got complete and I got present to my commitment. My commitment with anyone on this team and especially you is that you have IT ALL! The most amazing relationship with Josh, a sourced well-being, a full client practice where the clients are your ideal peeps. And then I had this thought. If I am resigned, then how is it landing with the rest of our team? And how is me being resigned enabling the current breakdown in your client game?

    I am enrolled in you being a leader in this world. I am enrolled in you being a coach. I am enrolled in you being on this team. I am not enrolled in you currently playing for LiT. I am not enrolled in another year where you play small and still wallflower your greatness and power. And I don’t have the magic bullet answer over here. If I did, I would have used it months ago. I am standing for you to be leader now. What will actually cause this shift for you and for this team? And who is the team being (myself included) in aiding and embedding this criminal behavior. I LOVE YOU TO MUCH TO CONTINUE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE PLAY OUT THE SAME WAY. The time is now. The world needs more of you.

     Juliana Sih

    Just a quick update for this coming week. I have 2 sample sessions scheduled and 3 F/U. I am continuing to declare that I will get hired 3 times this month because I know its possible!

    I notice my biggest stop is in handling objections. I’m getting support from Charlie and Sabrina this morning around it AND I could also use additional support. I know I have powerful sample session and where I stop or get awkward is a) believing or buying into their objection b) going into a convincing conversation, I end up talking a lot. Going to bring a conversation to my coach about it to get some more elevation.

    I had a support call with Britt last week and distinguished that my client game lies inside of a “have to” and is part of the reason the cycle continues to play out. I got complete and am practicing noticing when I say to myself “I have to” do things. Why don’t I want to create 10 clients and have a thriving practice?! Because right now it feels like I have to and its a disempowering context that leaves me at affect and choice-less.

    This past Friday, Josh and I had a little fun doing a forgiveness ritual. I saged the room, dimmed the lights, made some tea and created a space for us to get clear on what we are holding on ourselves or others. We distinguished what forgiveness means to us, how we do it and what we need from others to forgive. Then we wrote on post its what needs to be forgiven in our life. We read each one out loud and said ” I am willing and consciously choosing to forgive …(fill in the blank)” and then burned the post it. It was really fun and created some closure. Highly recommend!

    I reached out to another friend who is willing to introduce me to his Linkedin connections. Going to continue generating warm leads that way. Its helping me get super clear on who I enjoy working with also (bonus!).

    I am ready to break up this suffering, lackluster, disconnected pattern and empowering the structures that will get me there!


    JuSih, thanks for this update. You sound so different! The way you brought this has me connecting to you versus hearing about you (i.e. reporting/updating). Thanks for sharing all the ways you’re holding on yourself.

    Sabs, thanks for your beautiful support of JuSih to see/get what she needs.

     Juliana Sih

    I connected with Sabs yesterday morning and got connected to my cycle in client game. It’s been happening for a while. The cycle is a will grind and work really hard, and then get the clients, cruise, take little action and then be in the same place about 3-5 months later. Looking back, it’s been happening since I quit my corporate job and up till now. And honestly, the impact is not great. Its depleting me of joy, fulfillment in my business and trusting myself to generate. So this stops here.

    My lackluster life can not keep going on without me losing the spark and essence inside of me. And although there will be ups and downs, I also know that I hold a lot on myself. This is the main thing I got from my conversation with Sabs yesterday, that I am holding things on myself that I haven’t forgiven. Forgiveness for who I have been or not been, my shortcoming and pitfalls and letting go so that I can Be. I see forgiveness as access to connection and self-love. Thats my next breakthrough that would shift my client game, reg, showing up and being me.

    I’ve created some rituals that I will take on. 1. completion (long) 2. write down what I need to forgive on paper and burn it 3. read and do the Artist Way.

    I am holding a lot of things on myself with team also. Times I have been awkward and then made it mean that you don’t like me because I am weird. I could give you examples, but I will reach out to you individually, connect and clear the air. This was helpful last week when I talked to T and shared everything I had to say.

    I have 3 SS scheduled, 1 today, 1 tomorrow and 1 on Monday. I invited 2 people into SS yesterday and they said yes, still in process of scheduling. Josh is connecting me with 2 more people from his Linkedin network who are interested in coaching. And I am continuing to make phone calls to connect and invite people into my practice.


     Juliana Sih

    I am sitting with this and appreciate the feedback, especially the lackluster and connection piece. I am going to think about it more on my drive home to my mom tonight and when I talk about it with Sabs in the morning.



    Sarah’s share on T-time today is why I said what I said. I realize it’s not our responsibility to create possibility for other people. And I want our participants to see how fun, easy, and powerful it can be to have a coaching practice that is making your life work. AND one thing I failed to address here, is that J’s qualification breakdown is all of our breakdown. Who do we want to be as a team to support each other in badass businesses that have people handing over their $700/month to be on our team?

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey J – I’m not enrolled in you leaving AC as a consequence for client game alone. I think there’s a lot of pieces to look at around whether someone’s life is working, and whether AC is a reliable structure to move someone’s life forward. I don’t think it comes down to just client game for any of us.

    I see that you’re super reliable to the production of the program, supporting the team, and you’ve covered a lot of ground in your leadership development.  You’re also super reliable to do the foundational work, get complete, show up CPR, etc. What seems to consistently not work is the connections/relationships you’re committed to creating, and reg/client game (let me know if I’m off, this is what I’m present to).

    I know you’ve reinvented client game via new coaches, new project designs, and new structures, and it makes me wonder if it’s actually the breakthrough in Connection/Relationship that would provide the breakthrough in Client Game? From what you’ve shared about client game and how it usually goes for you, I suspect that you’re not really in relationship with people when doing SS, and so you’re working really hard at client game, but with a whacky Being. If I didn’t know you as I do, I think my first interactions with you would feel awkward, and my guess is that most people aren’t enrolled in hiring a coach that makes them feel awkward.

    What if you spend the next 30 days playing full out for Being Based Breakthroughs?

    I don’t want to lose you from the team, and I want your life and commitments to work.

    Love you.


    JuSih, I have not totally read your enrollment (just scanned it) and I already know that I’m not enrolled based on your response to the registration thread. What I’m stuck on is how your lackluster client game and reg game creates more work for the rest of the team and I’m so uninspired. I want to be inspired by you! Come on, woman!! ❤️


    JuSih I’m not enrolled in 3 new clients by X date or bye.

    I see the threat of you being off the team is motivating to you and may cause your results again, but I see it’s not sufficient to your resistance – or ours as a team to come together.

    Here’s what I need: Team to be clear and aligned on what it means for you to be off the team – for you, for your relationships, for your clients, for your participants, for your prospects, for us and all of our commitments. I also request a by when. What does “this month” mean?

    Where I’m looking is at the impact and the possibility of your greatness with this structure and your greatness without it. What is this structure (AC, dLiT, having a client game…) all for besides you having clients and staying on the team?

    To be enrolled in your out (and your in), I’d like to hear in your speaking reverence and ownership of who you are and the impact of you.

    With love.

     Juliana Sih

    Quick update: Friday I ended up making 15 phone calls and setting up connect calls with 3 people. Nothing came from the virtual networking because it was not interactive, it was a panel talking.

    I have officially fallen out of qualification as of last Thursday (6/4) and am now at 3+1.

    For this week, I see to continue calling people, re-inviting them to have a conversation about coaching and schedule a call. I am also going to continue asking my friends to connect me with their Linkedin connections and get referrals. As long as I am in action, I know I will get hired. So the support I need is to make sure I don’t get stalled or resigned. I will be updating this thread daily as accountability and support and reach out to team when I am stuck.

    Is everyone aligned on my declaration to get hired 3 times this month to stay on the team? If you aren’t what do you need?

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