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     Charlie Horn

    T, this is so awesome thank you for sharing. I am a man. Do faith and trust and men go together for you?

     Tiffany Turner

    In my coaching session last week, I took a request to Chelsea around Patience. What I could see before our session was that a lot of people are requesting Patience of me, and I’m resistant to extend it, or perhaps don’t currently have access to more than I already give.

    In my coaching session, Chelsea asked me who I’m not extending compassion and patience to, and I said LKT, Sabrina, Charlie. She asked me to call the three of you into my space, and Mama T (my inner, wiser, older mentor) guided LKT, Charlie, and Sabrina in to my space. You were all these beautiful spirits, represented by all of your essences.

    Chelsea asked me what was there for me to reclaim from each of you, and what there was for each of you to reclaim from me.

    One at a time, I asked each of you, and you all told me that you needed to reclaim your Voice from me. It was so powerful to see that who I am and how I show up, creates a similar experience for people, so much so that you would all ask me of the same thing. I could see how my Control + Manage can take away people’s Voice and (make it feel like I’m taking away their) Choice. I so apologize to all of you for being victims of my Bulldozing Buddha SM.

    What I reclaimed from each of you was different. From LKT, I reclaimed my Leadership. In the moment I could see how I let her SM of Armchair Ontologist be the bigger, better, Can See More Than Me Leader on repeat. From Sabrina, I reclaimed my Courage. In the moment, what I could see is that the places where Sabs SM is prickly, keeps me far enough away that I don’t bring my courageous self to our relationship. From Charlie, I reclaimed Faith. And Charlie, I have no f-ing idea what this is. I have a practice this week to be curious about Faith and see what comes up for me.

    Once we had these beautiful, energetic exchanges, Mama T led each of you to a beautiful waterfall with a giant swimming hole and left you there to Cleanse and Purify and Play. At the end of my session, I joined you 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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