Registration : "How are we doing so far on your request?"

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     Sabrina Pratt

    Rockin’ and Rollin’ playing an empowered and fun reg game over here!!!

     Charlie Horn

    How is it going?

    I’m seeing choice more than ever in how to relate to how it’s going and how it’s been. From here I am going to share the polar opposite contexts for fun and to practice closing an empowered place.
    I haven’t registered anyone, ever. I’m not creating the schedule/time to be in action around reg. I’m at affect of my commitments at work. I am taking on too much.
    I have had coaching conversations and possibility conversations with Dino and Shane. I have put them at choice and am continuing to stand for them to get what they want while being unattached to what they choose as long as they are empowered around it.
    Whats in the way?
    My context that it is hard to create the time, intention and execution that it takes to generate a registration.
    it’s actually simply AND easy and my choice to just do it. And possible.
    How are you in your breakthrough conversation?

    I am not sure what this question is about. Which has me aware that I’m not being intentional about not only reg but in so many other areas. This has me also aware how this is an opportunity to practice being intentional and what’s missing is the begining. Setting the goal. Taking the time.

    Or are you in a known conversation from old patterns? I think it’s safe to say I’m in old disempowering patterns around reg.
    By when will you register someone? I will register someone by Monday.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for the reminder Britt! Really needed this reminder to keep me focused on my declaration. I will actually post my declaration and breakthrough on my whiteboard today! I have lost sight a little bit of that with circumstances getting in the way. I will use my breakthrough and my declaration to inspire me to keep going when you don’t want to.

     Tiffany Turner

    I appreciate the reminder connecting the conversation back to what they said they want, over and over and over. I’ll take this with me this week.

    I’m not in reg action the way I envisioned myself being, or the way that I would need to be to generate two more registrations. I’m stopped a lot by the circumstances of pregnancy and creating the Both/And of my pregnancy commitments AND everything else.

    I had a really powerful, unattached stand and full of love convo with my friend Liz last week. She declared to register for workshop and I saw workshop as a stepping stone to registration for her. The conversation was powerful and fully aligned with my breakthrough, though it didn’t generate the intended result.

    From here, I’m committed to being in more conversations like the one I had last week with Liz. I know it was hugely in service of her, and it was very much aligned with my commitment and breakthrough. With more practice, I trust that Being unattached stand will generate my intended results.

     Juliana Sih

    For me, it’s going at a turtle’s pace. I get caught up in all the games we play and having a hard time seeing how they are all the same. Whats in the way is me trying to “figure it out”, whats the right thing to say, how do I start the conversation, this is me floating in my head about a conversation that should come from the heart. It also has flavors of me self-negotiating. I am thinking about reg more but not closer to my breakthrough conversation.

    I will get support from team today and take actions steps this week towards creating a registration!


    I also declare to support Charlie in registering four people. He doesn’t know it yet. Except he does now. Boom!

    I’m personally struggling right now with registration. It’s looking like two of the people I registered are not going to graduate. I’m sick over what’s happening with Ryan and that he won’t be able to attend module 6. It doesn’t feel right and I’m holding on myself and on AC and on our team and his team right now. I can’t quite put my finger on what I need, but just sharing. I’ll sit with it a while and reach out when I’m ready to get supported.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    I think some of you can relate, but man I have been listening to so many calls lately! I am working with 2 people who hired me just for call reviews, and then with Steve and some others going for certification. One thing I see that most people miss is checking in on the request periodically through out the call. Or relating the context and conversation back to the initial request. There is so much power in this, and supporting the client to connect the dots of their contexts.

    This morning I started to think about Registration from this place. Its something that we need to keep touching back on- is the conversation you are in supporting your declaration? your request? your breakthrough? your what for?

    We have a milestone of 7 by July 20th. We are at 3.

    Here is what our team declared:

    Jeff- 5 registered, Breakthrough in Heart Based Leader

    LKT-5 registered, breakthrough/what for : knowing my power, all women create next gen of babies from their power

    Britt-5 registered, Breakthrough: vulnerable leadership

    Juhsih- 3, breakthrough: enrollment/connection

    T- 3, breakthrough in unattached stand

    Nichole- 2, and 2 via participants. What for: supporting my participants, and having an awesome group to coach

    Charlie-2, what for: a positive influence on the people I love.

    Sabrina-3, what for: when I register people for the program its an accountability structure


    How is it going? Whats in the way? How are you in your breakthrough conversation? Or are you in a known conversation from old patterns? By when will you register someone?

    Team, please respond to this by EOD Wednesday.


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