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     Jeff Miller

    Nice job Charlie! I acknowledge you for taking something on that you were not comfortable with and busting through the discomfort! Thanks for getting and giving support and to continue to take this on throughout the module and beyond.

     Charlie Horn


    Juliana, LKT, Brittany and I all met up on zoom today to practice relationship clips. It is actually really simple and easy to have it go smoothly. I verified that all the clips match up with the questions and I’m really proud of myself for helping production by adding the #9 question to the timeline. Your welcome! Lol ?

    I don’t anticipate there being any breakdowns. I am also holding myself with lots of room to be fine if it doesn’t go perfectly. What I am seeing more clearly is that it isn’t the thing that makes it go awkwardly or have it be a big deal. It’s the being of the people in the situation that makes it be anything other than perfect.
    I have really been intentional about generating patience and a positive lens to look through around this accountability and more. I catch myself at every turn telling myself I better get it right. And it is so automatic still for me to not lean on others for support, to not reach out for partnership and relationship. It is super vulnerabl and scary for me to ask for help. My SM is so covertly at the helm around this that I don’t realize I am sailing along by myself until I’m caught in a storm getting tossed around feeling like I’m sinking. (I’m the one doing the tossing around btw)

    My next breakthrough is around support. Giving and getting. I see them both generating each other and spiraling up. I also see that I can generate whatever breakthrough I choose inside of the doing of any accountability.

    Im going to call my breakthrough in relationship with myself complete. For now. Until I’m ready to take one more step, peel back one more layer.

    with that being said I’m going to call this thread complete!!! Onward.

    I am going to have my eye on Valerie when we are playing clips as well. I’m curious if they will crack the feels open more or if she will have the defense up. I’m going to open up my heart to her from over here and be the invitation for her to do the same.

     Brittany Cotton

    Charlie I am happy to be one of these people!

    And I actually have a request- that you bring this to our Virtual Training call, and can walk us through it in 10 minutes or less so that the team is up to date.

     Charlie Horn

    T, Thank you for calling me out. it is a breakdown I dont know what it will take for me to follow through with my declarations. I tell myself I overcommit but I know it is possible to have it all. I choose to spend my time doing other things and then forget or pause telling myself I “need” to bring something more than what is so. from I am not good enough. Thank you for your patience. I see the breakthrough in owning me as good enough no matter what the circumstances and play out loud. I commit to play out loud from this moment forward!!

    Here is where we are at. the relationship clips are on a online format that is super simple to click on the clip and play it. there are questions that follow each clip. I don’t have a specific order for the clips to play in and there may be some flexibility and which clips play based on how the day goes. I am going to get with LKT again to make sure there isn’t a specific order for the clips to be had right now.

    I see having two additional people having the clips and questions as redundancy in the system just in case I am not available. Laura and I got on zoom and practiced playing the clips. Its really simple and there are a couple of things to set up to be ready to play them. Can I get two people to volunteer to partner with me for about 30 minutes this week and go over how to play the clips and ask the questions?

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Charlie – on production you declared to bring What’s So to this thread by end of day Wednesday. LKT poked you Wednesday, you made a new commitment of Thursday, and now we’re here.

    Is there anything you can see that would make a difference for you in fulfilling on your declarations? I’m not sure what else to do or what to shift in who I be to you, to have this go differently.

    I can share that it’s supporting my breakthrough in patience, thanks for that. 🙂 I really hold this as perfect, and I know it’s not your commitment, so NSNK, what needs to go different hereforth?

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Laura,

    I have not been owning this. I am going to come back in tomorrow with what I see.


    Hey Charlie. I do – and will you not stop with asking who sees something and look at the big picture of the program? Given LiTs and people trained in the PT workshop are often available for workshop at that time, and considering when Guest Clients and Practice Orals will occur, touch base with the teammates owning those and get clear on what you need to bring your full vision for complete ownership.

    I have it you will have this for our team call on all things virtual (May 5th) and put in the training to us by or before then.

     Charlie Horn


    5 days with no response is a breakdown. The breakthrough from here is more structure. I’m going to put a daily check in in my calendar and empower the time to be efficient and effective by just writing what I have in the moment without taking a bunch of time.

    yes accept for I don’t see that everyone should know how to play relationship clips. I am going to practice with LKT tomorrow and will bring a request for two more people to practice with so three people know how to play the relationship clips.
    who sees something for themselves to practice relationship clips and zoom?

     Juliana Sih

    Charlie, what I’m hearing is you are using relationship clips as an opportunity to access a breakthrough in relationship with self. You are present to the impact of that breakthrough in other areas of your life. And you are inviting us to look at our relationship to self. Logistically, you’d like us to all know how to play the clips.

    Is that what you wanted us to get?

     Charlie Horn


    Update on relationship clips. Information is coming in and I’m looking at getting clear as to what I want this thing to be for me, for you, for our participants, AC as a structure and complete and total world domination!!! complete and total world domination, btw = a world full of open hearted love and peace. I will bring full enrollment eventually, until then I ask myself why wait. And now I’m asking myself , What is full enrollment? Its a process so here it comes.

    Relationship breakthrough for me starts with my relationship with myself. I see I hold others in the same light I look at myself in. From there, relationship with others is generated first within myself. I see the choice I have in how I see others before I encounter them in person. If I choose to be with someone in my mind in a certain way then I will generate the same relationship with them in person. And If I choose to focus on all that is wrong with me I will inherently choose to focus on the same in others. In conclusion, the opportunity to generate massive relationship with others is only accessed through generating massive relationship with myself. Also know as “How am I being about it”.

    How I am being about it will be an invitation for others to be the same. I can only imagine this seems so automatic and normal for the ontological veterans here. But wait……all you pros and experts, I see it as an ever deepening practice for the most well practiced too!!! So my enrollment starts with an invitation to take on a deepening bold look at what it means to each of you to dive back into next level relationship with yourself. I am going to come up with an exercise for us all to be in the next level of relationship with ourselves. It will be simple and easy.

    The intention is to generate another level of team, partnership, relationship that will ripple out to the participants, AC as a company, MY relationships, your relationships, ultimately devouring the SM’s of the world ending in total world domination!!

    The actions will look something like me and all of you practicing on zoom playing relationship clip’s so the module goes smooth, effortless, Fun, playful. DEEP inner relationship for the participants and next level DEEP inner relationship for us. All in service of peace, connection, and fulfillment in our relationships with others.

    What do you all have? Hit me with it……more to come.

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