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     Charlie Horn

    T, Thank you so much for setting up the space for the display and taking on getting all of our stuff at your house.  I will send you  a couple pictures, a book and something else I will choose on monday. I am going to email you all individually a picture that represents what my relationship with each of you is. You can print it out and post it in your space if you choose to.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi T!  I will send a care package with some items like photos, sex toys, lingerie and whatever else I put my hands on tomorrow to package up and mail to you!


    I am sending you a gift from a maker on Etsy and it’s not going to get there in time. So that’ll be a bonus for some time in the  future whenever they get it to you! As a backup, I sent a candle to you that has a message on it for you. You should receive it on Friday.

    Let me know how I can support.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team – I would really appreciate more partnership here in who will send what to me.

    My plan is to set up a computer, which will NOT be logged in to my paid Zoom account, and join our module from that computer, in a spare bedroom. That computer camera will be pointed at a table that holds all the things we’re using to represent relationship, for our relationship display.

    What I have to contribute to this display will certainly not be comprehensive of Relationship, nor will it be comprehensive of team. So my ask is that if you’re enrolled in mailing me something, please do so by tomorrow! From a timing perspective, this simply cannot wait. If you’re sending me something digitally, I need it ASAP so that I can create a visual display that includes all sorts of digital things (I still have no idea how I’m going to do this).

    What I have to contribute from my own life/home:

    • Plants
    • My dog
    • Photos of me and Jack from our wedding
    • Lingerie
    • Candles
    • A journal
    • Photos of me with family/friends
    • And I’d like to include a photo of our team – we have a LOT of relationship between all of us!

    There’s some clear gaps, and if I bring photos from my life to represent all the different flavors of relationship, that would be a lot of me in the space. So my request is that others send photos of them with people they have relationships with, so that those can be included. Juliana, can you bring Lake’s sex toys to my place this weekend or next week? We can have a social distance date while you’re here. I think they’re important in how confronting they are, and I don’t have any to include in the display.

    What else do y’all see to add? Please please please share by when I’ll have your items from you (in-person or digitally).

     Sabrina Pratt

    JuSih and I connected this morning and got aligned on how we are going to create our sharing of our items for relationship display. I am going to create a “digital” share via creating a photo/item collage to use as a zoom background. I will play with this option and will probably create a few different backgrounds that I can then show team on or before our production call Tuesday! I will be sending JuSih pictures.

    I need to think about what I have to send to T. So, I am going to take my afternoon break now and will revisit this thread before Monday morning.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all,

    Im going to out myself and say I’m still not enrolled in sending something, though I am excited about creating with my buddies so that my presence is on their displays and vice versa.

    Charlie and I will be in communication today about what that looks like, and I will call T to share what I would like to create with main display.

    Also I notice I’m not clear what “digital representation” means. Can someone expand my mind about that? 🙂


    Hey Nichole – thanks. I was def in get-it-done mode on Wednesday that contributed to the breakdown in communication with ya’ll regarding schedule.

    The training for your leadership here is not there, but in continuing to create enrollment and relationship around the vision throughout and all the way to the end. I simply couldn’t tell from the forum posts an the communication I was in with team how it was going and so looked to you to bring it. And you did! =)

     Juliana Sih

    Sabs and I missed each other yesterday but I have it we will connect today. I am going to spend sometime this weekend gathering my items for relationship display and moving my desk in a way that I can have a background.  I will be sending something to Sabs by Saturday. I already have some ideas!

    I am going to share what I will be putting on my display – dildos (T, I still have the ones from Lake!), photos of Josh and I, family and friend pictures. Can’t think of anything else at the moment. Will you all share what’s going to be on your display so I can get some ideas?


     Charlie Horn

    It’s really cool to not have been caught up on the forum and be with the intention of taking some time this morning to reflect on what I want to create with relationship display. I had to go back and look at my text from Monday from Brittany and see that it’s now been 4 days that the ball has been in my court around creating something with her. Tomorrow I will reach out to Brittany and T around what I see to generate from here and how it will all work out.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Aligned on your request, T. Thank you for creating our “main display!”  Julianna and I will connect tomorrow and I will have something on the way to her by Saturday at 1pm. I am still pondering what that will be…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)
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