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    I’m getting ready for my call. I feel incredibly dizzy. TMI alert (dudes may want to skip this paragraph): I have been bleeding like crazy today. I already had my period, and was over it a couple days ago. Today I woke up to a puddle and have been bleeding through a plus size tampon every 30-60 minutes. This happened to me once before and I wound up in the ER. I thought I was going to have to get a transfusion. All the blood had drained from my veins in my eyes. I just remember them monitoring my eye veins. Anyway, it wound up chilling out and everything was fine and I went home after about six hours with a huge bill. So I’m just going to let it do its thang. But I’m really feeling lightheaded over here.

    Something funky is up with me today. When I cried during production, that was after holding back tears all through the reg call and the first 3/4 of the production call. I am just feeling really raw. I think it’s the perfect place to be. It has me putting down the rules of how I should show up and the expectations of how it might go.

    My ideas for women and children sheltering with abusers come from having several conversations with abused and terrified women. Because of the community I run, women reach out to me a lot. They share their stories with me. I have an opportunity to make a difference. And what I see is that the current rules around reporting domestic abuse could potentially make things worse for the victims if it’s not carried out perfectly. There’s intimidation involved, and often women wind up not pressing charges and staying in place with their abuser, who is now enraged that the cops were called on him (or whatever the case).

    So what I was thinking was, since hotels are mostly vacant, allowing women and their children to shelter in hotels. We could set up a hotline number that women can call or text, and indicate whether they need law enforcement to escort them. If so, law enforcement will show up at their location and take them away. Not try to take the abuser away, because that almost never happens, and then the issue is exacerbated. But what if it was a “no questions asked” program that someone would show up and take you somewhere safe, and then have a process for supporting them, getting a report written up and restraining order filed, etc. I know there are women’s shelters that help with this kind of stuff, but accessing them can take a lot and they are not as safe of options during a pandemic like this.

    Granted, there may be a lot that I don’t know about what “they” are already doing to try and protect women and children right now. But if I don’t know, then a lot of other people don’t know (because I have been looking) so I also want an opportunity to just find out and share with my community and see how I can help.

    I’ll let you know how it goes. And I’ll check in later to let you know if I’m well enough to do T-Time. I hope I am! I don’t want to miss it. But whoa, dizziness!!

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Nichole. I am totally aligned with you missing co-coaching as long as you create something with Brittany for the feedback from her call and get supported with Jonathan. AND I love what LKT put in around enrollment. This goes back to all of us playing big lives in and outside of AC. Of course we are all enrolled in Nichole speaking with an Assemblywoman about protecting women and children who are sheltering in place with abusers. This is a no brainer and what an amazing thing for you to take on. But what a cool place to be willing to practice enrollment (especially when you don’t have to). At times, and especially in the beginning of this work, I felt that enrollment was hard and a pain in the ass. Now I look at it as a way to model leadership and further self enroll myself in what I am creating.


    Aligned in the request to miss. Enrolled in the circumstances (as in I like them! This is in line with stuff I’m already enrolled in and willing to partner so as to create it all.)

    Nichole, I would love to hear more about your ideas to protect women and children who are sheltering in place with abusers during COVID.

    Would also love you Nichole to bring your juicy circumstances for why miss with some actual enrollment. Team, what has us not stand for this? What if anything are we pre-enrolled in with Nichole?

    I see it is predictable that you have amazing opportunities we are all a stand for you having and being available for and I know you’re practicing your enrollment muscles.



    Thanks! Britt, can we set up a call Monday or earlier on Tuesday to give/get feedback? And then I’ll partner with Sabs to provide updates/requests for Lauren and Jonathan.

    Thanks for the support, all!

     Brittany Cotton

    Whoops hit submit too soon. What will you create so that we are “in the know” of your integrity and any support requests you have around Jonathan/Lauren. Thanks!

     Brittany Cotton

    Im enrolled in you missing, and creating something so I can get your delicious feedback 🙂


     Tiffany Turner

    I’m aligned, and what I need to be enrolled, is for your feedback on Brittany’s call to make it to her. No attachment of how it gets to her, but as long as it does, I’m enrolled.


    Charlie, no I didn’t ask for another time. I feel time is of the essence right now and it took me a week to get this calendar slot.


    That would be great, Sabs, thank you!

    Another idea… Move our Co-Coaching call to 3:00 and extend it by 30-45 minutes. This would allow us all to be there, and have extra time as per Sabrina’s additional call request. Then we have a short break before T-Time.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Sounds amazing Nichole! I am aligned and enrolled


    I have a potential 3rd option for you. What IF I take notes for you during co-coaching and then fill you in later. AND what if you and I talk about what you would have for Britt/the team during co-coaching and then I can be the Nichole by proxy? Kind of like how students cover for each other when one will be absent. Just a thought.

    All my love;


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