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     Juliana Sih

    Rose: Arriving in Washington, wow its really beautiful here. Also yesterday, I stopped by in Portland to see Shauna Prince. She welcomed us into her house and we had a lovely dinner together. I am present to all the amazing people in this community.

    Thorn: I’ve been upset the past two days around something Josh shared with me about his mom. She shared with Josh that she hopes we take some pictures together because I never post pics of us on social media, which makes her think I am self-centered. This is new in my relationship journey to be caring about what my partners mother thinks of me and it has me defensive and want to justify all the reasons why I am not a bad person. I’ve been grappling that and just focusing on the things I can control!

     Sabrina Pratt

    My rose for the day today is hanging out with my Mom AND meeting in person with my chef client who made me a twice baked sweet potato for dinner!!! So sweet!!! I am feeling so very loved and fully sourced!

    My thorn for the day is not having all my accounting and paperwork in my businesses be super, super flat :/ it’s a growth edge for me! It’s embarrassing that my client has to text me to take her money over and over. It makes me look unprofessional and is reflective of my own resistance around 100% claiming my power. ?

     Juliana Sih

    Yes thats the gist of it Jeff!

    Rose = A highlight, success, small win, or something positive that happened.

    Thorn = A challenge you experienced or something you can use more support with.

    Yesterday my rose was leading a paid workshop around making tough decisions and also going on date night with Josh. We have not intentionally had a date night for a long time. We went for a bike ride and had dinner 🙂 We spent some time talking about our futures, what we wanted and the vision we had for the next year.

    My thorn for yesterday was my relationship to my CG breakdown. Qual breakdown has me anxious and all of my worth/value come into play where I easily slip into a negative thought pattern loop. I had lots of thoughts, feeling and body sensations about it. There is something for me to heal here because this feeling is familiar. And saying this out loud now has me know that I need some more completion.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for starting this Juliana. I am assuming a Rose is the good thing in the day and the thorn was the bad? I know I am using non-coachy language. Do I have this correct?

     Juliana Sih

    I realize that I am not reliable to share things and want to start this thread to A) connect B) share more about myself and C) safety. So I will start sharing my rose and thorns of the day 3-4 times a week. I’d love it if we played as a team in service of connection and taking a look behind the curtain of our lives.

    This weekend my rose was planning a getaway with Josh for 5th week. I don’t take breaks very often and don’t allow myself to actually enjoy life. The place we chose is amazing and we are leaving next Saturday morning to drive up to Seattle area. I’m excited to disconnect, be present and take some time to be creative, playful and fun.

    The thorn of the past weekend was me and Josh communication. Often I only point out what is wrong with Josh and it has him feeling not good enough. I don’t say thank you for the things he does and on top of that, there were things for me that accumulated during the week that pissed me off and it all blew up and out (in the form of frustrated talking and crying) on Sunday morning. So this week I am taking on practicing poop sandwich. Thats right, when there is something to change, sandwich is with a few acknowledgements and what is going right.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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