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     Juliana Sih

    Hey Nichole, thanks for asking 🙂

    Jeff and I have been in partnership with Ryan K. He is currently still a request to withdraw (RTW) but in conversation with Jeff and open to conversation. When there is a withdraw, you are still encouraged/required to show up for 3 months, its part of the contract. So basically, if he chooses, he can still have a coach and show up to Module 2.

    Jeff has been amazing at meeting Ryan where he is at, in particular with his fiance and whats going on in their relationship. Its so perfect for Jeff to be the one considering how many enrollment conversations he has had with Steph.

    So to be clear, its still in progress, but there is relationship and still standing for him to be in.


    Is there any news on Ryan’s status?

     Kerry Zurier

    One more reminder to everyone, and especially those of you with dual relationships in the program….If someone comes to you with something, please send them to their coach to have that conversation.

    Nichole, consider having a conversation now with your peeps that, during the program, you are happy to support them as their friend, sister, boss, etc., and for them to take training requests, coaching, etc. to their coach and/or team.

    Thanks everyone.


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    Thanks for bringing this, Juliana. I have been thinking on this all weekend and what I see is that Ryan is choosing out. This is the thing he is pointing at as “there reason.” I do not see him as being triggered by women but perhaps he is triggered by honesty and by his own needs and desires. I know there is something up with his fiancee and her thoughts on his choosing this program, so, there’s some things unsaid by him that are influencing his decision. Sounds like an amazing place for Ryan to practice partnership with the woman he loves and to create space in their relationship for each of them to have what they want in their lives and for their life together.

    I am glad to hear that Jeff is going to speak with him today.



    That answers it perfectly. Thank you, Brittany!

     Brittany Cotton

    Nichole, I love how at cause you are to ensure everyone gets what they need and you are in integrity. Honestly its beautiful.

    You will definitely play an interesting role this year with being on the leader team and having so many peeps from your life in the program. I can’t speak to every situation, but if there is something the leader team knows, and the participants do not, as a participant hasn’t shared with their team- yes it is confidential. Each situation of course may be different, but the training I would give you is to err on the side of confidentiality, and bring it to team if you are unsure. (Just like you did)

    We are in a funny place, being at the beginning, because as these folks become team mates and start really being involved with each others lives, there will absolutely be more information being shared, but as of right now what is shared with the office or their coach may not be something they want shared with team, and thus I don’t advise us going and telling the other participants. As LKT put in and reminded, this is however a time to start supporting our team mates in Stand and who they are being about it.

    Let me know if this answers your training request Nichole!





    Thanks T. For sure. And I don’t think they were coming to me because of my experience as a participant. They were wondering if I knew why Ryan K. dropped out because I’m a leader. They assumed I would know. And I do. So, while I encouraged them to take it to their team, I am still wondering if there would ever be a time when that type of information would be shared. I’m actually looking for training here around confidentiality and protocol. Thanks!

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks LKT. I also felt compelled to respond quickly, and rushed to put something in before my day started yesterday. So I also hear a reminder to choose urgency, rather than being triggered into it.

    Alright, here’s what else I got: What’s going on in Ryan’s relationship with his fiance that has women in AC cause this discomfort for him? Is he hiding or protecting some part of himself that he doesn’t want his fiance, or any women, to experience? What’s does he fear about that part of himself?

    J, I’m curious what part of yourself you hide/protect, and what’s available to Ryan when you set down what you’re hiding/protecting?

    Nichole, this could be a place where you create new foundation/relationship with your brother and Lesa. Stand for them to create their own experience of the program, and not rely on you for info based on your experience. You could model Standing for them in this.

    What else do you see, team?


    I have a question about how to handle this with the participants, from leader. Lesa and Ryan have both brought it up to me and asked if I know what’s up. I said that I do but that it’s up to them as a team to communicate with Ryan K. and have a team conversation about it. They both were very much like, “Oh that sucks. Well, moving on then…” I’m just not sure if I should say/do more based on what we know is going on for him. The team is in the dark about this. Thanks in advance for clarity and insight as to how to handle.


    Thanks for standing for him, Juliana, and for bringing it to team.

    I notice I fully trust him, and you, and I know Jeff will be an incredible support to you both.

    What I see to put in for our team is that we encourage all of our participants, if and when it comes up, to look at their relationship to stand. Are they like “ok, step it up, there’s a gap in someone owning client game!” (like Ryan M. put in =) or are they relating to him (and each other) as their word? Often the opportunity to look at who team will be in the face of people getting confronted and bringing the quitting conversation doesn’t happen until month 3-4 when the novelty has worn off, but whenever it pops up it’s an opportunity for us all.

    Juliana, what did he say would take him out of the program? If he didn’t say it would be this, how is this related to that?

    T – you asked us to reflect when we notice you bringing drama and I see an opportunity. Your feedback here lands like drama in that you lead with your reaction and the feelings and the trigger and how interesting that is to you. With that in the space I read the rest from inside the love-hate-triggered-interesting context. I’d love to hear the gold you see from getting some more elevation – cause I know you can and want to practice this. (Reminder: this is me on your side loving you =)

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