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     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for sharing Nichole. Thats so heartbreaking and I acknowledge you for being an amazing big sister.

    I am enrolled in Ryan being at module, getting support and continuing to show up. I feel he has been a catalyst creating a breakthrough in team.



    I haven’t seen or talked to Ryan since he got back. He was here on Wednesday but asleep the whole time. Then when I got home last night he wasn’t here. Not sure where he is. A couple things that I just want to say… I think he’s suffering from depression. He has been for some time. He has talked to me about it before. But he doesn’t have the experience or advocacy for himself to seek help. We grew up in a very dysfunctional and traumatic environment where our physical and emotional needs were never made to feel important. And especially as a boy, he was taught that needing help makes you a sissy.

    Our parents did a number on all of us. I haven’t talked about it a whole lot, but it was pretty bad. My parents started having kids when they were in high school and never knew how to take care of a family or provide for us. We were incredibly poor and lived in dangerous situations. And Ryan was not there for a lot of that part of it because he’s the youngest of me and my four brothers (I’m the second oldest). But when he was about two or three, my mom moved us in with who would become our step-dad and he was a physically abusive alcoholic.

    Ryan’s entire upbringing was very confusing because Cal (our step dad) was his hero in a lot of ways. He swooped in and “provided” for us when my dad wouldn’t (couldn’t). So he always had Cal on a pedestal. But he was abusive! This went on throughout Ryan’s teenage years. And my mom was so busy being a victim that she enabled all of it. She would involve us in the drama and want to be protected. Even after I moved out of the house as a teenager, my mom would call me, sometimes in the middle of the night and want me to come over and “help” her because Cal was on a rampage. And I would. And Ryan was still living at home. One time I rushed over there in the middle of the night because my mom called the cops after Cal choked Ryan. He was holding Ryan against the wall, choking him. This is when Ryan was in high school. I think the reason he is such “a kid” is due to unprocessed childhood trauma.

    He will probably never tell anyone any of this stuff. He has this weird sense of pride and protection over the family that I clearly do not have. But I bring all of this up to just put some context around why I’m such an advocate for Ryan being stood for, without attachment, no matter how he shows up. That guy has not had much support in his life. He has been carrying around a lot and doesn’t know how to be supported. He has no experience with it.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share.

     Charlie Horn

    I am enrolled in Ryan being at module. Was this post enrollment to have Ryan be at module unpaid? I will go to the participant thread and check. What does team backing guarantee mean?
    that last questions are rhetorical and feedback.
    great work participants being a stand for the whole team being at module ?

    I am sorry I didn’t get here before 2 🙁

    and I’m here now 🙂


     Tiffany Turner

    I love who team is being. If I arranged to send a bunch of packages that were never gonna make it to the guy who came home early, I’d probably not be rallying to give more now. So really impressed with how the team is coming together around Ryan.

    What’s missing for me, is RYAN! His team is working so hard and he’s either complaining or not present. I really need him to show up and use his voice to ask for what he needs, own receiving the support, and be clear about What By When for payments to be enrolled in him being at module.


    Britt, when I read this post, I thought you meant that you wanted us to bring our voices to the post about Ryan on the participant forum. Just now re-read and was like, oh she meant here. Whoops. Ah well.

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     Jeff Miller

    Thank Britt! For myself, I am enrolled in Ryan creating a plan and following through with his plan. I am not enrolled in some of the details being unclear. Like by when will the $2,000 be paid? By when NSNK will his payment be flat? And I am not 100% clear if his entire team is enrolled? “Team baking guarantee of this declaration” lands a little funky for me.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all,

    I have a request that we all bring our voices to this thread TODAY by 2pm, such that we can respond to Steve’s/Team’s forum post. If you missed it here it is:

    Hey Leadership Team et al,

    Its palpable the love for and around Ryan and the stand for him being in the module and, kicking ass in the exams as well!! Every team needs a Viking Beard coach!

    We are happy team went into action for our commitment to our team payment declaration. And, like a bouncing ball, sometimes there can be an unpredictable bounce.

    On that note, payments are complete with the exception of Ryan. And, we declare the previous “nobody more than 3-months behind” complete. And we now declare a new bespoke declaration for the team…

    The teams Declares:

    • Ryan will be in the Module and will sit the exams.
    • Payment declaration of:
      • Team fully paid and complete by 11.11
      • $600 weekly payment plan
      • $2000 lump sum(once deposit clears and before 1st August)
    • Team backing guarantee of this Declaration.

    Cheers and see you all in module!

    I see that we respond to this as soon as possible- in service of partnership, customer service, and support.

    What do you see? What do you say? Who will be the one to respond?



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