Sab's Client Game Breakthrough & Coaching Practice Re-Invention

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     Sabrina Pratt

    Thanks Nichole! Things have been going very well over here and I don’t think I need anything around this right now. I just wanted to share in the interest of continuing to play all out AND accountability I refreshed my client game pipeline and will be taking on more sample sessions in August. My new rate is $750! My 2 clients in August will be starting at $550 (I already quoted that price) and after that all new clients coming in will be at $750.

    Andrew and I have a call tomorrow morning to discuss working together next year and create something. He brought it up and I am leaning back to allow him to take the lead on creating next steps for himself. I am excited for the thrill ride of committing to a higher price and then standing for Andrew in the conversation. For AC grads my price will be $850 currently.

     Jeff Miller

    Not sure how I missed this post! Sabs, freaking Rockstar! Love how you have creating your client game like a boss! And also love how you are embracing more well-being along with world domination. To Nichole’s point, how can we support you in continuing to evolve and grow into what you see around your client game?


    Sabs, I see here you said: “I want to open up spaces in my full time practice to enroll more higher paying clients who are very empowered in coaching.”

    How’s that going? Do you need any support? It’s so exciting to see all that you have created, especially in such a short amount of time. How can we support you in continuing to build this in a way that gives you everything you want, including time for your theater? Or maybe you’ve already created something. Just noticing that I hadn’t responded to this awesome post and wanted to check in. 🙂

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!!!

    It has absolutely been my joy to play out loud in these past few months of DECLARE & FULFILL baby yeah!!! So, my coaching request for this past week’s call with Berna was to take a look at my coaching practice and get it situated in a way that actually works for me so that I am powerfully creating clients who are super enrolled and ready to go. I want to open up spaces in my full time practice to enroll more higher paying clients who are very empowered in coaching.

    Here’s what I have currently created, I am excited to share!

    Current Full Pay Clients on 6month+contracts:

    -SB (ongoing, past 6 months, seriously enrolled and standing for this person to register into an AC program!)

    -GC (very enrolled and in a lot of action with her business and life, embracing transformation like a BOSS)

    -TH (very enrolled and registered to start with San Diego Intensive, coaching as a full pay client until October)

    -KB (just started, so lovely, empowering coaching as a structure in creating her life as a new parent- so exciting)

    -RP (just started, standing for him to register for DC)

    Starting Full Pay in August:

    -AH (have been working with her since January- we are only doing 2 calls in July due to travel, vacation, etc. then she will be full pay again in August 6 month contract)

    -SC (musician who hired me last week, very enrolled and I see this person registering for AC to support the growth of his business)

    Partial Pay Clients:

    -LF & JS (These are new hires who I have enrolled in 2 calls per month for 3 months then transition to full pay with 4 calls per month in October, both of these people already work with other coaches and I see the support that I have to offer being complimentary to the work they are already engaged in)

    Group Coaching:

    LO, EP, LD- I do not want to continue with group coaching. I am having enrollment conversations with these 3 wonderful humans to create one of the following:

    -hire me or another coach full time 1:1

    -join JuSih’s group (and get in touch with JuSih)

    -join Shawna B.’s group program (and get in touch with Shawna to create that)

    Pro Bono? Reg Lead? 

    -KN (just started, said he wanted to be full time, we had 2 sessions in June pro-rated and now he is wobbly on payment for July and generally in freak out about commitment- Kevin has already done a lot of Landmark trainings, worked as a coach, as a performer in LA and is ready for what’s next- standing for him to register for SD monthly- I told him I would support him with pro bono coaching for next 2 weeks to create the money plan and get ready. I prayed about this and I am excited )


    I am also continuing to have sample sessions but not for the next few weeks as I need to get these new clients locked in and started and I created so much in June that it became a bit much. With the participants I am coaching and on boarding so many new clients all at once I noticed that I was getting worn a bit thin and scheduling was becoming challenging. I have also not been paying appropriate attention to my comedy theater so I will be creating some time for that.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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