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     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    Holy. Cow. Pies. I have been in so much massive action this week and it feels GREAT!!!

    (just a heads up- this is usually about the time that my SM does some whacky shit sooooo…I know it, you know it. It’s predictable that my SM get weird right around this time because I have been so thorough with my ontological hygiene so as to tend my being while I am in action so we all know and I am aware and there are some structures in place such as waiting to post to forum or reply to texts or to open my mouth or to speak and clearing on the regular multiple times a day…) 

    I have created one more sample session tonight, one tomorrow (Friday) with a follow up Saturday and a SS confirmed for Monday afternoon.

    My current client, Tarah, is totally ready to register for intensive and we have a call scheduled for Monday morning. My other client Steve is selling his business and using some of the money to pay for the program and he is so ready!

    I have truly been playing one game over here. I have been eating with precision all week- super healthy, clean foods. My house and yard are very clean and tidy. My office and room are tidy. My bills are paid with enough money in the bank to cover rent and coach at beginning of June. I just sent Berna my coaching check in with all my practices done and my projects moved forward. I have been in reg convos, client game convos and improv class registration convos like a boss all week. I am feeling so super on top of things and I just know I will be hired multiple times any. dang. moment. Still playing for 2 hires by EOD Monday and 8 FP clients!!! Still playing for that!

    Finally: just calling my gigantic list of potentials, leads, dream team and allowing myself to hear some firm “no’s” this week really cleared some space for me to create more, refresh my pipelines, get into new conversations, etc.

    Speaking of clearing space: I woke up yesterday and immediately knew that I needed to text 2 former friends that I had massive fallings outs with (it was their fault! j/k) and take full responsibility, own my stuff, apologize and tell them that I love them and treasure our happy memories together. One of these people replied to me and said she read my text, cried, felt so much relief in her heart and called her HR director right away and told him to hire me to do some corporate team building/coaching. She thanked me and said she has been too scared to reach out and said it was very courageous and she loved me. Fucking. Crazy. I don’t know what will come of that but I have no attachment because the lightness in my chest and the gift to her, to the world, to myself of letting go is so HUGE. It’s a giant power leak now turned power charge.

    Miracles happening everywhere today!

    All my love;


     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for circling back to close the loop 🙂

     Sabrina Pratt

    You are all amazing!!!

    Totally, Totally, yes and yes and yes.

    I have been playing a HELLA SMALL game with my life. I have been enrolling myself (and others) in “it’s ok to play small, it’s a big scary world out there, let’s just stay inside and snuggle up to our fear and spoon with our insecurity”

    Today I play from bold, loving powerhouse coach. I stand for others to see possibility outside of what they have known before. I AM getting hired 2-5 times THIS WEEK. I am playing this game like the bold, badass, fierce Goddess that I am. I will see you all at Kerry’s call today! Attending her call is my reward for getting it done and I already rsvpd so I’m gonna be there so I gotta get it done. Know what I mean?

    A quick reply:

    T- Per this: “My request is that you bring equally flat communication about what’s so in your qualification during modules as you do outside of modules, and trust that it’s all figure-out-able, and that we’re all committed to one another and the participants and we’ll work out whatever comes. Could you align with this?” Yes, absolutely. My apologies for the confusion. One of my SM names is Confused CEO and it thrives in a space of ambiguity like “how many clients do I have actually? what are they paying? when?” So, let’s all be a stand for Sabs keeping it flat and clear. It’s challenging for me to not text you all right away when someone is like “I definitely want you to be my coach!” Because I get so excited and stop there. I’m like, “Ok, close enough.” I have been burnt by people changing their minds, me not having the credit card (out of fear) and the paperwork not being flat (out of fear). So, I will wait until these things are complete and done before I celebrate being hired and share with the team. I will just be more clear around sharing in general. Thanks for noticing and calling me on it!

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Sabs,

    Thanks for bringing the request and an update of where you are at. I am super enrolled in who you are for yourself and for this team. You are a big part of who we are. And for this I am not enrolled in you missing co-coaching. I see what Brittany is pointing to in embracing and coming from “we” instead of “me.” For myself, this also lands as a both/and. What if you could create the client game breakthrough prior to 2pm and be on co-coaching? What if you could be super generous with your hiring conversations and stand for them to be flat with paperwork in the moment? I see this as a great team convo and things for bringing it Sabs. You got this and we got you. Let’s all move our client games forward this week!


    Sabs, I’m enrolled in your qualification extension. You are a badass coach, holding so much with and for Lesa and Andrew, and such a critical part of our team. I don’t even relate to you currently as out of qual even though I know that “technically” you are. I know you will get hired at least twice in the next ten days. Easy peasy. I got your back.

    I am not aligned with you missing co-coaching. I’m trying to figure out why and it has something to do with the timing that you brought the request. You told us you would have an enrollment post by Saturday at noon, and it didn’t come until Tuesday, which makes your request super last minute. I was actually looking out for your post and ready to root you on, but didn’t want to nudge you so as to respect your request for space. I think there’s a breakthrough ready for you in bringing consistent and timely communication to team. And maybe I’m wrapping that into your request, which might be unfair. And, if it turns out that you decide to miss reviewing JuSih’s call to get hired, you know I got your back. Just practicing putting in what I see/feel.

    Love you! You got this!!

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Sabs! When you said you have a client completing 3/29, did you mean 5/29? 🙂

    I am enrolled in who you have been for our team, and what you have been modeling in your commitment to client game, and our team. I am enrolled in 10 day extension to get hired 2 more times.

    I’m not actually clear why be off the second half of co coaching? I hear you say what you realized was in your space was “towing the line of commitment”, which had your potential clients doing the same, this lands inside of that. I know you are fully committed to Juliana, our team, the peeps. And we miss out on something for our peeps and program when ANY of us are missing.

    One of the big conversation I see we are having as a team, both consciously and unconsciously, is continuing to move outside of Me and into We, seeing team and program first, and letting that be access to our breakthroughs, versus the other way around. We have made huge strides as a team, and I see this as the next breakthrough.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for bringing this Sabs. I’m enrolled in you, enrolled in you being on this team, and I’m enrolled in you continuing to coach Lesa and Andrew.

    If I zoom out, I wonder what the bigger (possibly more uncomfortable) request is? Will you check what would be the next level of ridiculous to ask for here, and bring that?

    The other thing I notice is that after module, I found myself surprised that you weren’t qualified. This was my experience at module 1 as well. That what we heard at module was, “I got hired” and what we heard after module was, “I got verbal hires and we’re working out the details.”

    In what you reflected here around towing the line, can you see how the mismatched communication during modules vs. after modules could be a flavor of that? I could be totally off base here, but I suspect that you’re afraid of loosing your participants or being on co-coaching because of qualification, and so I want to be clear how enrolled I am in Andrew and Lesa continuing to be coached by you (I don’t see them switching coaches for a few weeks being in service of anyone, and I think our entire team knows that you will absolutely get hired and be back in qualification).

    My request is that you bring equally flat communication about what’s so in your qualification during modules as you do outside of modules, and trust that it’s all figure-out-able, and that we’re all committed to one another and the participants and we’ll work out whatever comes. Could you align with this?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I am going to keep this post short & sweet as I am determined to continue to play client game all out this morning & today. I am at 3 full pay clients. I have another client completing on 3/29. I am past my 30 day window to get up to 4 full pay clients. I am currently out of qualification and it has been  on my heart to bring enrollment to team.

    I am committed to this team. I am committed to continuing to do the work, go out, come back in- to practice, get stronger muscles, keep practicing, etc. I am committed to the ontological gym that is AC and our team. I am deeply committed to continuing to build the badass life that I love so much.

    My request of team for today is that I be on co-coaching at the beginning for check ins/support and team convo re: our participants and then hop off the call so I can play my client game. I will connect with JuSih to review her call later this week. Team, are you aligned on my absence from the last portion f the co-coaching call today? 

    It is apparent that I do know how to get hired quickly so why this long delay between one hire and any other hires? This morning during clearing and completion it occurred to me that my not getting paperwork flat with clients and allowing them to tow the line of their commitment is coming out of me towing the line of my own commitment. It’s my own quiet, covert version of not empowering my “new floor” and, thus, my commitment to AC. My commitment to my client game, to my businesses, to my life, to AC, to this team. I am determined to breaking this up- TODAY!!! I do know how to drum it up and create clients, I have certainly done so before- like at first module, I got hired 3 times in one weekend (2 pp for my group, 1 fp client). It’s totally possible for me to be hired multiple times today. Especially since I have been in action to create warm leads, have sample sessions, etc.

    What I am bringing is enrollment to the team in the form of a request. My request is an extension of at least 10 days from today to get at least 2 more hires which will keep me in qual. moving forward.  So- 2 hires by 6/5/20. I also see power & possibility for me to continue to be the coach for Andrew & Lesa during this extension time. I see that we have made so much progress and I don’t see how switching their coach even for a week or two would serve them or me or the team to create breakthroughs. I know we can find them everywhere and I have considered what is available to Lesa & Andrew were they to have another coach for a time or until the end of the program. I can certainly align on that decision were that to be what is decided, however, I see so much possibility in continuing to be the coach for Lesa & Andrew while I am playing client game like never before.

    Team, please continue to support me in continuing to play client game this week, to get the hires (and their paperwork) flat, to continue to play all out on our team from here until graduation. I need support in the form of power hours, accountability check ins and lots & lots of encouraging messages!!!

    All my love;


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