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     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks for bringing this Sabs. This is a great example of one of your strengths! You are SUPER committed to working through your stuff– and putting it on loud speaker. I really acknowledge you for creating this post– and what you put in both your strengths and gaps. Such an example of the transformation you have had this year, even the last half of this year.

    I agree with what others have put in what I see is missing:

    Strengths: Producing and Causing Results, being a Yes, Going out and coming back in again, Stand for others breakthroughs as well as your own

    Gaps: Leading from the I (there is still a lot of you in the space),  Convincing instead of Enrollment (I see this in your leading during program weekends, and on calls), Me vs Them, Blame showing up inside of Breakdowns

    All I got for now! Thanks Sabs! Keep going 🙂


     Sabrina Pratt

    I’m hearing it all! I am able to be with it all! my, my, the ground covered. I am also so stoked to hear from the rest of our team 🙂

    Full disclosure: I am prepping for next program year even as we end this program year powerfully and am happily using this feedback to inform my big what for and the breakthroughs I will play for this year!

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Sabs for being all about growth and leadership even if it isn’t the most comfortable. In service of not duplicating, I love what everyone has put in including yourself here. Here are some additions:

    Strengths: BIG ASS HEART! You actually care about humans and the things you are up to. Whether this is your theater community, Reg, Slo, coaching, etc… You wear your heart on your sleeve and it is so darn refreshing to really see and get you.

    Gaps: the biggest one I see that hasn’t necessarily been addressed is PACE. You are like a world class sprinter of transformation and possibility. And my concern is the burn out that is possibly playing at this pace. You have already started to shift this, and I look forward to what is next her as you step up into an LiT soon.

    Thanks for bringing the conversation and choosing to play on this team!


    Hey Sabs I want to own my silence here and say that I LOVE everything you put in. As I was reading it I was like “yep, uh huh…” I see a lot of what you see in both areas.

    I also see what Nichole added and I don’t have a whole lot to add beyond this:

    Strength: Voice. Your voice commands attention when you are intentional and speak with the love and the boldness and the play that you have readily on hand. Your business. It’s a reflection of your breakthroughs and it adds a voice of its own to reinforce the words you speak.

    Gaps: Related to your wellbeing – I see a pendulum swing where it’s predictable that after a period of hell yess and this shall be you will retreat and need to pause before coming back powerfully.


    Sabs! Awesome! Please add “bravery” to your strengths. Thanks for bringing this request. I am going to put in what came to mind for me without overthinking it. Just going to think out loud if that’s alright!

    One of the gaps I see on our team, which has me wonder how it plays out in other areas, is being At Cause. There’s a lot of, “I didn’t know,” or “Nobody told me,” about things that we all were given the same information at the same time. I’d say if Charlie is the winner of the “Huh?” Award, you are runner up! ?

    Another gap I see is Complete Communication. You pick and choose where to bring your voice. I saw that you owned this gap in the graduation thread and I was like YESSS! Breakthrough time! I called you forth there to ask what breakthrough you see and how you’ll show up for team in communication and you didn’t respond (or maybe didn’t read it?). Either way, how perfect is that? I think this gap is part of what feeds in the gap I mentioned in being At Cause.

    The last one I’ll bring is in Intentional Communication versus Reactive Communication. And I mean this in the most basic of ways. Like asking for support and if someone says they’re not available right now, you say, “Don’t tell me if you’re not available. Only tell me if you are available.” Which, I think is one of the things you pointed to about gaps also being strengths. Because I do see it as a strength to know what you want/need. But it lands as a gap when it makes other people wrong/bad for how they try and show up for you. So I see an opportunity to be intentional in communication and a bonus gap of not making someone wrong if they don’t respond the way you want them to.

    Since the theme of my post is communication, I want to also acknowledge you for what I believe is one of your super strengths which is articulating abstract thoughts. So many times I see something and can’t quite put my finger on it, and then you somehow articulate it in a way that I never could. Your reflective nature combined with your ability to communicate unattached interpretations of what you’re reflecting is something I don’t know I’ve seen in anyone other than Kerry. And you bring your own flare and flavor of it that is just so stinking brilliant. BRILLIANT. More, please.

    Love you!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    As part of my growth as leader I am interested in gathering some feedback and would love to hear from everyone!

    What do you see as my leadership strengths?

    What are my current leader gaps?

    I have already distinguished a few to get us started (but, please feel free to repeat/emphasize what you see).


    -Enthusiasm, play, boundless “we can do this” Spirit

    -Committed ‘this Shall Be’ attitude

    -being in action, motivation, energy, positivity

    -depth, speaking from Boldness, reflections

    -love, desire for individuals to succeed & the team to win as a whole

    -humor, lightness, lifting the room


    -playing from a place of ‘it’s ok to be messy and to mess up’

    -brilliance, creativity, resolve and resilience, resourcefulness

    -can-do attitude & ‘getting back in the saddle’ no matter what, willingness to try and try again

    -staying in action despite feelings


    -showing up authentically and genuinely



    -not being open to receiving feedback

    -taking things personally

    -entitled to/reserving the right to be taken out

    -showing up ‘unfinished’ (i.e., sloppy-do appearance, last minute-ness, not being CPR, etc.)

    -‘dumbing’ it down and pretending to be more sheepish and accommodating than I actually am (so, setting a resentment trap and also dulling my power),

    -delivering just boldness without the playful, loving, heart

    -speaking and acting out of relationship/partnership

    -clinging to incompletions as a way to stay right, control

    -withholding friendship, love & forgiveness, joy, play and lightness

    -expecting others to read my mind (and then being frustrated when they do not)

    -lack of proper tracking & incomplete work (I let paperwork things slide because I see them as ‘dumb’ or ‘tedious’ or ‘beneath me’)

    -relating to the world/others/team hierarchally (using a measuring stick to keep myself and others ‘in check’)

    -working myself to sickness/exhaustion, ie. taking ‘breaks’ but not actually sourcing myself

    -well being physical, mental, emotional

    speaking to my own experience/putting too much of myself in the space, interrupting others’ shares with my own feelings and shares, ‘self-centered’ thinking, speaking and behavior


    *It’s curious because I notice that there are gaps within my strengths– for ex. it is a leadership strength that I will just jump right in, shoot from the hip and go for it, show up as an authentic mess and let myself be seen- this is also a gap because I will often show up messy, not think before speaking, blurt inappropriately and from SM, etc. and just expect everyone in the room to deal with it or try to dress this up as “me practicing leadership” when the truth is: I know how to show up powerfully and sometimes I just don’t. I just choose not to.

    So, that’s a growth point for me. Choosing powerful leadership.

    And, that is what brings me to ask you for your reflections!!! Please support me with what you see!!! I am tempted to say “go easy” because it is predictable that I will get all the feels with these reactions BUT please do not “go easy” please DO give it to me straight. I already have structures in place that I have created with my coach to be with your feedback, to incorporate and integrate, to get complete and to not freak out on you. I am 100% empowering these structures because I really, really need and want to hear what you have for me.

    Thank you for your boldness, your love and your stand;


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