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    Sabs, circling back here to see if you got the support you need. Your future has PCC written all over it. How can we support?

     Jeff Miller

    Love all of this. Thanks Sabs for continuing to play out loud and for playing for PCC. What I would add to what T and Britt have put in so far, is the biggest piece of being complete is being willing to in the first place. I have it that if we are doing completion as a fix or the thing we should do (speaking from personal experience here), then it actually sets us up to fail. We won’t get complete and then it just gets worse and worse.

    Sabs, you are a powerful leader and coach. And that 100 pound carcass is smelly and weighing down your leadership. Willing to put that down? And if the answer is yes, we (your coach, your BFF’s, this team, your faith, your comedy peeps) ALL GOT YOU! But the only person that can actually make a difference here is you, and really being willing to set this thing down for good. And for someone like you who loves the declare and fulfill game, it seems like a perfect match.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs – wondering if you can see anything in terms of a pathway with smaller steps forward? Reading your most recent post on this thread, I was present to the leap (or bigness of the breakthrough) the end goal is, and it made me think “what if we just looked at the immediate next step?” almost like reverse milestones for a life changing breakthrough. Can you see what’s next in the “how?” from there?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Brittany- Thank you and spot on in all points and reflections. I do not want to build the arsenal, I want to set it down and I am stuck at “HOW?!” I need support in setting it down. I did take this exact thing to my coaching call this morning and we spent our time distinguishing the predictable cycle of guilt, shame and blame that comes up when I am actively expanding my comfort zone to hold more and more. My request for coaching this morning was to create a plan for completion. I want to set it down, I truly do. It’s heavy and annoying and tedious to trudge through life with a loaded gun of hurt and pain. I am just totally stuck at how to do it. I hear you when you say it’s a choice and then I truly do not know where to go from there. I can make the choice over and over but the “getting taken out” is so automatic that all I see is that I can either pretend I am not taken out and suffer silently OR be taken out on loudspeaker and suffer out loud (then receive some reflections and likely get more taken out). I am super caught in lose/lose and I can not see a way out right now and I do need support. I am also very open to support.

    Thank you;


     Brittany Cotton

    Yay! Sabs- super excited you are going for PCC!

    Just to clarify for all (so there isn’t confusion on certification vs PCC) Melina certified, which means she got a 7, and will get her ACCC. She is not PCC, as we do not have the capability to give that credential.

    -The no recordings comment is that we do not train people in the CTP with recorded videos. We do live training, whether in person or via zoom. Other CTP programs have pre recorded modules, courses, etc. While some of our participants may watch a video because they missed, Recording is in no way the basis for our training.

    What I have for you Sabs: I appreciate you asking for support in putting this down, I hear your responsibility and ownership in it,  and I am happy to support you whether thats coaching or completion.

    But the thing that is jumping out at me is how long you hold stuff. And I know you are reliable to do the work to get complete. So what will have this time be different? My assertion is you have an arsenal of things you are holding on us. And within that arsenal, that context, we never get to be in a new conversation with you. Inside of that, it becomes our /your job to support  you in putting down how we wronged you. What if you put down us wronging you? Once and for all? You do a lot of work to stop holding stuff on us, which is awesome that you do the completion and clearing. AND I see the breakdown is the context you are holding onto.

    We exist in a lose/lose with you. If we put in training and reflections (aka our work) you get more in your arsenal, and we become further  away from being able to support you or reflect something. And when we come to support you in completion, its almost like supporting the context. I often feel stuck in giving you what I have, because the experience is it goes to the arsenal, and proves something to you about us.

    My suspicion- getting taken out is a direct on ramp to the arsenal. It is a choice. What other choice is there to empower other than getting taken out?

    My challenge to you: get rid of that arsenal. We never get to fully be on your team, if you have an arsenal of what you are holding on us.

    I love you and I want to support you, and I am feeling like us getting you complete, and not asking you to choose some thing else, allows getting taken out, and the arsenal to prevail in your life. It is getting in the way of your happiness, our team, our participants, and our program. And mostly- your acceptance of, and getting to be with, our Love.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I need your support getting complete on how things have gone with me and my certification process so far. I am still very incomplete from my participant year. Something was repeatedly flubbed in tracking me being observed by PCC or MCC that had me last minute scramble. I did not feel supported in my efforts to certify. At. All. And I do not feel supported now.

    When Melinda shared on reg that she got her PCC credential I thought, “Bet the program coaches leading her program didn’t have it out for her.” I am incomplete around the certification process with AC in general. Please support me- who can support me with a powerful completion call ASAP?! I also need coaching in this area. I would really like to get complete and set it down.


    I just got taken out again with this email from the AC office:

    Find out why we are the World’s Finest Coach Training Program™:

    • Small class size and real time, interactive training days – no recordings! (we do use recordings though)
    • Start your coaching business immediately.
    • One on One weekly coaching by a successful Program Coach for a year.
    • Full back office support so you can focus on you and your clients.
    • Easily get ICF’s PCC credential. (this has not been my experience- not that I need it to be easy but I thought it would be more accessible when I registered for the program and I think we are mis-representing to people here…it is NOT easy. Nor does there even seem to be any way to get to PCC- I think AC intentionally makes it very difficult for being by moving the bar around on people. This is confusing and upsetting. Please support me.)
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