San Diego Reunion Mixer 7/31/20

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     Tiffany Turner

    Sabs I want to invite my fellow 17/18 participants to this event. Are we locked in for 7/31 from 3-5pm PST?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hi all!

    Thanks so much Sabrina for all that you do, that we don’t always have complete awareness about. I love how much you have gotten from playing on this team. I am excited and enrolled!

    And similarly- when you say your team, do you mean the people we graduated with? Will there be some virtual invites or graphics we can send out? I have it this is for ALL not just affiliates?


     Sabrina Pratt

    Wow. Haha. So, apparently a butt ton off logistics are not enrolling! 🙂 I actually knew that and yet- here’s this weird post! Haha. My BAD!

    I am going to get complete and come back to it this evening. I will post again by our production call in the morning!

    I could definitely practice what I preach and enroll from a more powerful place than all the details, huh? 🙂

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs, I too had a hard time following this post, I can’t actually tell what you’re asking of team.

    I’m enrolled in having a mixer. I’m enrolled in who you’re being and what you’ve taken on in being The One from our team on this events committee. And I’m enrolled for 3-5pm on Friday 7/31.

    Do you need anything else from me around this?


    Hey Sabs! Thanks for all the work you’ve done to create what you see for the San Diego reunion! I notice I had to read this a few times to wrap my head around it, so I apologize for the delay in responding to it. It sounds super fun! I’m down. Let me know how we can help! When you say, “Take enrollment to your team,” I assume you mean the participant team we graduated with?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team! I am missing your voices and hearts on this thread so bumping it back up! 🙂 I am so freaking thrilled about the opportunity to have a reunion mixer for ALL of San Diego in July!!!  Are you enrolled? If not, what do you need to be enrolled? Wanna play?! Let’s do this funky thing!!!

    All my heart;


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    Sooooo- way back in good ole 2019 I volunteered to be the point person for the San Diego Celebration Event (as 2020 celebrates 20 years of AC). I have been working on a team led by Laura Westman and collaborating with leaders from other cities on their events and what we see to create company-wide. We were all very enrolled early-on in creating these events as community, with each other and generating breakthroughs in trust, communication, love and letting go. As you all are well aware these breakthroughs are ones that I have been craving and being a part of this supportive group over the last few months has certainly served to support me and our team. I mention all of this partially as a reminder because I have been radio silent with our team about this project while I focused my energy on supporting other teams.

    Thank you so much for the patience around my leadership of this event. With the onset of Covid-19 accommodations affecting our events has caused our planning crew to get very clear on what it is that we actually desire to create for each of our communities and AC as a whole AND how we can create that on the virtual platform.

    I had the good fortune of working to support the Seattle event a few weeks ago with Linda Schoelten and got some first-hand learning, training, inspiration from being a part of producing their event. I want to share the vision I have for a San Diego event at the end of July. My intention is to generate enrollment with you first and to request that you carry this enrollment to your team so that we can truly produce an event that serves San Diego as one city, one team.

    The vision that I have is to create a class reunion/mixer for San Diego’s Virtual Event. I learned so much from supporting Linda and the Seattle program. I am excited to share some of what I learned with San Diego and our extended family by way of a fun afternoon of connection, sharing and play. I am working with KFS who is the rep from the monthly team to partner on creating a city-wide San Diego Event!

    I see an opportunity for San Diego’s Event to be held via zoom on Friday 7/31/20 from 3-5pm PST. 

    While registration is not directly the reason for this event, of course, I see that this date provides a beautiful opportunity to support both the monthly AND the intensive reg games by way of connection with affiliates, former grads and coaches in the area. This date falls smack in the middle of a cycle where both teams are actively accepting registration and a few weeks before San Diego monthly registration closes so communication leading up to and during the event can naturally include registration, observation and PTL workshop information.

     What I am picturing for the actual event is a time of large group gathering and smaller group connection. For the afternoon I see: some words from previous San Diego Senior leaders, a word from Laura Westman re: the affiliate program, some time breaking out into graduating classes via breakout rooms, coming back together for more mixer time (including games, a raffle?! raffle prizes? Awards?! Funny superlatives? I have lots of ideas for this part and I know we can really have a good time here), some quick small group connection time and then a closing, reminders, registration announcements, thank you’s.

    I drew up a simple time line:

    3-3:30pm, people logging on, Sabrina does quick welcome and zoom house keeping, sharing from senior leaders, Laura shares about affiliate program opportunities

    3:30-4pm: Break out rooms for class reunions

    4-4:20pm: sharing from break outs, ice breaker games and some fun stuff

    4:25-4:35pm: Small group break out room randomly assigned

    4:35-4:40 sharing from break outs

    4:40-4:48pm: Small group break out room

    4:48-4:52pm: sharing from break outs

    4:52-4:55pm: speed acknowledgement with randomly assigned buddy!

    4:55-5pm: registration announcements (Callin & Britt), upcoming events thank you and good evenings!

    Team, please let me know what, if anything, you need to be enrolled in this event. I know we will discuss more soon and I am very excited to hear back from you! 

    Thank you;


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