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     Charlie Horn

    Team, Family,

    I love you all,

    Scanning is FLAT

    It was touch and go there for a while, emotions ran high. There was whimpering and my eyeballs may have started to sweat a little.  I had to talk myself back into the doing multiple times. I have completion to take on and Technology bootcamp is in my future. I get so lost.

    Thanks T  For your Stand and commitment.

    Thanks Nichole for your partnership and support.

    Thanks Jeff, Sabrina, Brittany, Julianna, LKT and Kerry for your support.  You all make it look effortless.

    One day it will be effortless for me.


     Charlie Horn


    support request,

    whoeve has scanning lets pow wow and get it done together.
    Julianna has the review  thanks for having your eye on it.

    nichole, let me know when you have time to go over the naming of the file and will you send what you have to programs and Brittany


    here is what Brittany sent out at the beginning of the module for training for y’all’s Reference.

    Hey Team!!

    I know many of us have never sent in documents to the office, and so I want to make sure all of us are trained such that we can do everything we can to support the office. ?

    Please read this carefully, and save it some where for yourself so you are aware of how to name files.

    Instructions for properly naming files:

    Full names on all forms

    Full date the call was RECORDED on the form, AND in the file name

    Full program info Sum or Win or INT on the form AND in the file name

    Check the box at the top of ICF forms indicating it is a Co-Coaching call, PCC MCC evaluated, or type of exam (I’ve received a lot of “Oral Exams” that are actually Co-Coaching and are not marked properly)

    Always attach forms, not in the body of email

    Please include as many attachments in one email when possible. Zip files work if the attachments are PDF

    Proper file name examples; (please do NOT use underscores and always use spaces!)

    Program Files

    “DC Sum Participant Sign In Sheet January”

    “DC Sum Leader Sign In Sheet January”

    “DC Sum Video Request Sheet January”


    “DC Sum Joe Smith SM Exam Pass”

    “DC Sum Joe Smith Final Oral Pass”

    “DC Sum Joe Smith Final Written No Pass”

    Co-Coaching Evaluations

    “DC Sum Joe Smith Co-Coaching #1 1.12.19” or

    “DC Sum Joe Smith Co-Coaching #1 PCC Raven Bonniwell 1.12.19”

    Please note you do not need to put the evaluator in the file name unless they are PCC or MCC.

    *You do not need to send the office a copy of the ICF Feedback forms for practice Oral Exams, unless they are reviewed by a PCC or MCC Coach*



     Tiffany Turner

    Team, I’m in touch with Charlie to support scanning.

    Now that we’re in the new experience of remote learning, I wanted to make two requests:

    • Please keep an eye on documents that need to be scanned, and support getting all of them to Charlie (whether that’s in-person or digitally). Charlie is training on naming files and getting them to the right folks, so if everyone else could play for getting scanned documents to Charlie, I trust he can own everything else.
    • Urgency – we’re committed to getting all necessary documents to the back office by the end of each module. Please don’t wait until after module to collect or share scanned documents. If you need time outside of the room to create this, please ask for it as it’s a part of our program production 🙂

    If anyone has questions please share them here! My intention is to have team aligned on scanning, and have Charlie sufficiently supported in his ownership.


    I’ll have the rest of the SM tests to the office by EOD tomorrow so don’t worry about those. Thank you, Charlie!! Thanks for all the support leading up to and during the last module.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thanks for taking this on, Charlie. Bree has not yet seen Mick’s review of her coaching guest client so would you please share that here so her coach (JuSih) can take that to her. Thank you!

     Charlie Horn

    Hi team,

    I scanned and emailed the first SM test and Micks review of bree’s live practice coaching. I did not receive any other docs for scanning. Will everyone who had something to scan please chime in here and let me know we are complete please.

    here is what we are looking for

    • Leader sign in
    • Participant sign in
    • PTL registration forms (if applicable)
    • PCC/MCC observed sessions + any matching non-credentialed reviewers
    • SM Tests (for future tests – passing tests only need the first page scanned)
    • New guest client paperwork (if applicable)

    Is there anything else we need?

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