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     Charlie Horn


    It was a breakdown for me to not be at integrity with following up with you like I said I would. I am in process of a breakthrough around being organized, efficient and effective. I have used two different notes apps. Two different calendars and now I am back using my original calendar and I have 6 alarms every day that tell me to check in with my calendar so I don’t miss anything. It’s been a practice of mine to update my calendar in the moment. I’m slowly getting better at putting things in my calendar right when they come up. It’s ridiculous how many things I have in there and it is what it will take for me to be reminded of what I say I will do.

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Sabrina for your stand.
    Orin is my new best friend!!! We talked surfing and boating a tonight after finishing essence names.
    All of Orin’s essence names ended up falling right into place. He was stoked with them  I am proud of myself for trusting that I can see him for his essence.
    Orin is






     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Charlie- Will you please bring your voice back to this thread and let us all know what’s so with Orin currently? I know we spoke this morning and I find myself in a strange/confusing position where I am waiting to know when the essence conversation with Orin will be complete and when you will connect with me to close that loop and get it flat.

    Thank you for taking on the essence conversation with Orin- I know you two had an incredible conversation and I am waiting in suspense for his essence name and to hear more about how it went.

    All my love;

     Juliana Sih

    I second what Sabs said! I totally trust you to do Orin essence of essence.

    I typically do naming SM once I get to know them a little. That way  I can properly identify their SM flavor and support them in the naming.

    Excited to having a  man in the mix up of out guest clients and thanks for taking on the essence conversation with Orin!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Charlie! Thank you for taking on essence conversation with Orin! I can’t wait to hear how it went! I actually see something in it for you to distinguish Orin’s essence of essence from coach and leader. I am, of course, happy to support but I do want to enable the “I don’t know how to do it” ness of your SM. Let’s connect by 3pm Friday. Yes, I want to match Orin but it will likely be AT the next module. As guest client leader, I will own matching and will speak with Orin about this.

    Also- I see for you to practice survival mechanism naming with one of your many paying clients. (You’re getting them, right?! That’s happening!) I do not think it is appropriate to do this exercise with Orin at this time. I personally like to give room between essence conversation and distinguishing SM with my clients. First, the client is coming into relationship with who they truly are- becoming more and more familiar with their essence. 3-4months into working with a client and I will do the survival mechanism exercise. I see room for our participants to practice this exercise as they practice coaching Orin.

     Charlie Horn


    I completed the essence conversation with Orin tonight. Sabrina, thanks for supporting me with the opportunity. What a great experience to be with a vulnerable man open, willing and ready to be in the coaching conversation. He is excited and wanting to start generating the coaching relationship with one of there participants. Can we get him paired up before the next module? I need support with distinguishing Orins essence of essence and will reach out to you all tomorrow. I would love to practice distinguishing his survival mechanism names with him. I have not done this to date and I am embarrassed as I am typing this. So is there anyone not enrolled or aligned with me just doing it? Sabrina, I will check in tomorrow with you as well to see what is next.

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