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     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team! There are a few car assignment changes. I realize there was opportunity here to create opportunity for conversations re: what we took on from clearing last night. So, below are the updated assignments. Please let me know what you see!


    Car Assignments:

    Charlie: Nancy, Brittany, LKT, Lauren S

    Nichole: Sarah, Don, Jonathan, T

    Mike D: Ryan Mac, Vicky, Lesa

    JuSih: Sab, Valerie, Ryan Muldoon

    Jeff: Brianna, Andrew, Steve


     Charlie Horn

    I am ready?

     Aarti Mallya

    Got it


    Sounds great!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    Tomorrow is our visit to St. Paul’s Senior Center located at 235 Maple St. 

    We will break from the morning’s distinguished sharing at 10am and will load into cars by 10:15am.

    We will be at St. Paul’s from 10:30am-12pm. We will meet with the residents and our participants will have the opportunity to just be with residents who are coming out of morning activities and making their way to the dining hall for lunch. Lunch at St. Paul’s begins at 11am. Our participants will have the opportunity to be with the residents.

    Other logistical items:

    *We will carpool to and from The Sheraton. St. Paul’s. Car assignments are posted below.

    We will leave St. Paul’s at 12pm and lunch will be with your car.

    We will return to the Sheraton and will sit for the afternoon at 1:30 tomorrow.

    Team- please review car assignments. What do you see? What do you say?

    all my love;



    Car Assignments:

    Charlie: Nancy, Brittany, LKT, Lauren S

    Nichole: Sarah, Don, Ryan Muldoon, T

    Mike D: Jonathan, Vicky, Lesa

    JuSih: Sab, Valerie, Ryan Mac

    Jeff: Brianna, Andrew, Steve


     Tiffany Turner

    I don’t have anything new to put in. Thanks for continuing to practice enrollment, and for your leadership here. I’m unclear on the exact timeline, and I would have loved to be more involved when things weren’t working/you were taken out.


    Sabrina, thanks for figuring this all out. I can imagine it was frustrating trying to get the dang thing to happen that everyone was finally enrolled in, only to have to go and find a new idea. But that’s what you do: go out and create more possibility. I’m enrolled in your plan AND I have an idea for the picnic that I think will be a win/win! My mom LOOOOOOVES providing food for people. We could have everyone pitch in a certain $$ amount (I recall last year we were told to bring $6 for lunch so we could eat at the facility — we can do something similar) and have my mom pack a picnic lunch for the team and set it up for us ahead of time so it’s all ready when we get there. She could coordinate with Charlie to have the blankets/chairs/ice/etc. I’m not married to that idea if y’all don’t see it, but I think it would be a win/win to create the picnic environment without us having to actually source the food ourselves or give away the surprise to the participants. They can each just bring $10 or something. Thoughts?

    Sabrina, thank you for putting this post up, I was able to review it in transit and am drafting my response on the flight.
    It sounds like you’ve created a level of partnership with Hugo at St. Paul’s that presents us with a great option for our Service Project and with only a few logistical items to address as a team. Thank you for being at cause for that result, it’s something I have it you and a few others on our team are especially reliable for.
    Here’s what I am enrolled in. I see that regardless of where we end up and who we serve, you created a relationship to the game and to yourself as leader of it that had you produce a result without the predictable and familiar degree of struggle/fight and experience a breakthrough with how you relate to yourself and others. I love that. What do you say that breakthrough is and what can we as a team count on your from here on as a result of that?
    There are two pieces I’m not yet enrolled in. With my eye on the team, my experience of supporting you was that it was burdensome to you and that you wanted to handle it and bring it to the team connection once there was a positive result to share, but that until then you were on your own, left to your automatics or to have a breakthrough, (which I’m so jazzed for you and us that you chose), but which occurred like you chose it alone, and we can now celebrate you around a job well done and which has us miss out on celebrating as a team for what we got to come together around and co-create. We didn’t hear collectively that you hadn’t created anything with Golden Living until you had a replacement plan, for instance.
    I’m seeing this is some of what gets created on a team of reliable doers, who are able to produce results even if from SM and who might collectively miss out on some breakthroughs. I’m interested in what team can distinguish about how the game went from Team?
    For me, I see some places where I could have created a level of ownership of the project and the team in a way that could have had this flat with team fully enrolled with ease and room to breathe before module. It’s inside of what I’m working on everywhere, especially with my Home Team – so it’s no surprise that I can reflect in you Sabs a pattern of handling something separate and alone before coming out to ta-daa! with some results. Who else will share?
    I’m willing to be complete with this and get enrolled in St. Paul’s.
    I would love to hear more about the community we are serving. Who will be there between 10:30-12pm, and other than a chance to BE with them, Sabrina as leader what do you see for the participants in serving THIS population?
    I’m also not yet enrolled in potluck/BYO lunch. I’m enrollable in a picnic dynamic and the connection opportunities available, but would love to have an option that doesn’t require all of us to procure a lunch for ourselves the night before or morning of.
    Looking forward to being with you all tomorrow!
     Jeff Miller

    Hey Sabrina,

    I love your perspective and creating something funky fresh!

    To Brittany’s point I am a little fuzzy on some of the details of what actually will be happening at St.Paul’s and when.

    As far as the picnic goes, I am not enrolled in having the participants bringing their own lunch and needed information prior to the event. Is there a both and available like Brittany suggested with getting food somewhere and creating our picnic from there? ? I know Liberty Station has a lot of food options and some cool grass areas where we could stage a picnic. They also have some outdoor tables with a similar vibe.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Sabrina,

    Thanks for taking a stab at enrollment, and creating something entirely new and fresh. I also loved Hugo when I connected with him, and I know exactly what you are talking about about the being of those who are working at St Paul’s. Complete love, patience, and happiness. I am fully  enrolled in St Pauls. And I have a couple of questions: what exactly will be occurring from 1030-11? Will we have a place to be with people? Is there a common area? Are we simply waiting for them to go to lunch, or is there a set plan during that half hour transition?

    Regarding Lunch: I am not enrolled, though I appreciate your looking outside the box to create something special in service of team and community. What you are proposing (asking the participants ahead of time to bring their lunch the next day, dress a certain way, etc) is in direct contrast to the intention of this field trip. We don’t not tell the participants ANYTHING about what will be happening Monday on purpose. The service project was created intentionally so as to leave the participants in the unknown, and have no idea whats coming and no time to think or plan or wonder. Every aspect of this field trip is intentional and designed a particular way. I love that you are looking and bringing your own flair, and my request is that your ownership and vision is in integrity with the intention of the project, and this current lunch proposal is not.

    I have no qualms about a picnic, and I have it we could still create one, but I am not enrolled in asking of our participants anything the night before, giving them any idea that something will be different the next day and to prepare, or asking them to bring food for all on top of their own lunch. What about a picnic where we have food everyone ordered from somewhere we can pick up? Also, I see that this same vision can be created in a restaurant as well, and allow for less planning and doing, in service of sourcing our team as well as the participants.

    Would you please take this training and swing again around lunch?

    Who else has something for Sabrina??

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