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     Charlie Horn


    what a joy you are to partner with and experience the life of possibility. You are resilience, peace, generation, light, beauty, leader. I love when something is reflected as all perfect. And I love how you are on the lookout for the positive consequence in it all.

    I am enrolled St. Paul’s. I am you partner in lunch and I see the connection and team possibility in creating the lunch on the lawn after St. Paul’s. I can even bring a folding table some plates and plastic utensils. It was an especially unique and bonding experience last year when we were camp out style picnicking. Let’s make this happen for sure. What a great opportunity for the participants and us to be together in a more intimate setting surrounded by and connected to nature. I am enrolled, willing and able to support the logistics and needs of our team and the participant team  for a picnic lunch.  

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team! 

    I am so excited to take another swing at generating enrollment and creating our service project together!!! 

    As leader I am generating enrollment for a visit to St. Paul’s Senior Center located at 235 Maple St. I spoke to the volunteer coordinator, Hugo, this afternoon and I also spoke to a few members of their staff. The staff I spoke with at St. Paul’s are all heart, love and presence. My rambling voicemails and phone calls were met with love, patience, compassion and excitement! Hugo is incredible- he is pure joy and fun! We had an awesome conversation and he is so enrolled in our visit.

    We will break from the morning’s distinguished sharing at 10am and will load into cars by 10:15am.

    We will be at St. Paul’s from 10:30am-12pm. We will meet with the residents and our participants will have the opportunity to just be with residents who are coming out of morning activities and making their way to the dining hall for lunch. Lunch at St. Paul’s begins at 11am. Our participants will have the opportunity to be with the residents during lunch, to sit with the residents at lunch and assist residents as needed with getting their meals and finding a place to eat. We will have so much opportunity available to truly be. I am so full of love, warmth and gratitude right now sitting on my couch and writing this that I am feeling myself get teary. I know that this service project will provide our participants with an opportunity to practice being with discomfort, the confronting experience of age and illness and people who may also feel uncomfortable in their bodies, hearts and minds.

    Other logistical items:

    *We will carpool to and from The Sheraton. St. Paul’s. Car assignments will be flat be EOD Saturday. I will generate who rides with who and how on Saturday, in person, with the team.

    We will leave St. Paul’s at 12pm and will return to the Sheraton for A PICNIC!!! We will lunch on the grass at The Sheraton from 12:15pm-1:15pm (which will have us on time for the time line) Charlie and I are partnered in lunch on Monday and we have an amazing vision to share with you around lunch!!!

    LUNCH: We will lunch leadership team who accompanies to the service project and participants together sharing in a BYO/potluck style picnic. Charlie will bring blankets and lawn chairs and a cooler with ice for things that need to stay cold. These items will be in his truck and the cooler will be in the room until lunch time so we can all put whatever needs to be on ice in there in the morning. 

    When we return to The Sheraton we will have an opportunity to enjoy community and sharing time together. This is a very important part of this vision! Charlie and I talked through some different options like a restaurant at Liberty Station, etc. and we have decided that this picnic is such an excellent way to provide the piece of the vision that is the post-service project debrief as one whole team together. Coaches and participants all connecting over the shared experience of the service and of having a meal together in a relaxed, fun and casual environment.

    *On Sunday we will tell the participants to wear clothes that they can move and sit on the ground in comfortably as well as wear comfortable shoes. We will also request that each participant bring something they will eat for lunch (including their drink) as well as something to share. 

    *Fun facts: Last year our team had a team picnic on one of our Mondays and it was the sweetest, most loving and most team thing ever. We each brought some food for ourselves and something to share so it was kind of BYO meets potluck. It was beautiful and is one of my most favorite team lunch moments!!! This vision for lunch is very close to my heart and I am so thrilled to offer this opportunity to our incredible participants this Monday!!!

    Team- what do you say? What do you see? What do you need to be fully, joyfully, enrolled in this entire service project vision?! I want you to have all the bubbles in your tummy that I am experiencing right now! I feel like I ate a ton of cake and I am on a roller coaster again!!! It’s the possibility feeling! 🙂 I was already really pumped to drive to SD tomorrow and see all of you and the generation of this service project today has me so. much. more excited than ever!

    All my love always;


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I am so grateful to all of you for all of the space you are creating with me to learn, to grow, to get uncomfortable and messy and try and try again. You are wonderful and awesome and I am so down to continue playing and practicing with this team this year!

    So- here we go: I have not been able to get in touch with Julio at Golden Living. I finally did hear back from him today but his email said he can only talk on the phone from 7am-10am on Wednesdays which wouldn’t have me in touch with him to get the details for our visit flat. Also, I have heard from team that the particulars around Bingo may not serve our intention to have our participants in a space where they can truly BE WITH and not hide in the doing. On that note. Which is actually a great note- I had a really cool opportunity to be witness to myself at a choice point today. I had a super busy day today AND I noticed that not having the service project flat and the team completely enrolled had me in a space with a decision to make. In the interest of full ownership and loudspeaker I want to share a really valuable either/or that occurred in my life today!

    I could either:

    A) get super ticked off that the service project wasn’t flat and throw my hands in the air and be like “why can’t everyone from Julio to this lady in front of me in line get their stuff together? This world would be so much more peaceful without people in it! Omigod. I am a failure and a loser and I have let the team down and blown it and now they will all know what a hot mess express I actually am!!!” So, it’s like this super gnarly cycle of self-hatey righteous victim.

    AND. I don’t want to give into that or let that bizarre lose/lose mechanism drive my sweet, sweet car anymore so choice time…


    B) get clear, get complete, get into my being and then see what happens! Get into some possibility and don’t over complicate things…ya know. Like, come from a powerful place in this whole thing!


    Anyway. I chose item B. Team, please read my enrollment post. I am really, really thrilled about it. It makes me feel giddy with excitement to share with all of you!!!

    Yes yes AND YES!

    All my love;





    Hey Sabrina – what update do you have for us around the Service Project?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thank you, Team! I love what you’re bringing and am so enrolled in creating enrollment with this project!!!

    I have emailed Julio at Golden Living a few times this week without reply, I left a voicemail early this morning. We are yet to connect directly and I am seeing that my noon declaration is coming up. I am on calls with clients 10:30-12 today. I am committed to continuing to play out loud. I will contact Brittany directly at noon before our reg call to also get the contact at the VA.

    More to come soon!

    All my love;

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team!

    Took me a little time to reread these messages and loved all the golden nuggets from reflections + enrollments.

    I spent sometime thinking about both my experiences with the service project. BINGO sounds fun and great, but I see where Britt is pointing that it could be a distraction. There is little focus on the people there but more on the game itself. I don’t see as much time for connection with the peeps and Being with them. The VA last year was “more” confronting. The experience I had was that the VA seemed like a playground where there were the popular people, the shy ones and the loners. It was interesting to watch the interactions. But our only job there was to connect with people and later have lunch with them. There was more Being with the people at the VA.

    So all that to say, Sabrina you are a rockstar, thanks for swinging over and over again and getting our 3 options.

    I am enrolled in the option where our participants have to interact with more people. Where they have to be, even with their discomfort.

    Thats what I got for now <3


    Circling back I realize that’s what I have right now that’s pending for my enrollment, Sabs – just some more information on the process.

    I’ll reach out to you tomorrow to get connected on this so it can be flat to bring with the deets by production.



    I’ll put in what I have by end of day. Thanks Sabs for owning this and going back in over and over.

    I’m curious for you Jeff – besides the circumstances of BINGO / no BINGO – what are you enrolled in around this?

    I hear B and T’s objections to the enrollment and I notice I’m taking a look – I have it something’s missing for me – where is the enrollment around what time we’ll get there and how and how long? Have you personally connected with Julio, or with Britt further to explore what is planned around lunch for our participants to connect with our PCs (and Sabrina, I may have a training gap to close with you around this – have you looked at this part yet?)


     Jeff Miller


    Thanks for continuing to swing on this. After re-reading your post and Brittany’s post, I am enrolled in Golden Living. What I noticed about the service project over the last 3 years is that the people we are visiting are doing some activity. Whether it is free time, reading, playing cards, eating, or in this case BINGO, there is always an activity of some sort. I believe there will still be ample time to connect, get uncomfortable and be with a whole lot at Golden Living.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi T!

    Thank you for the reflection. I read this post multiple times yesterday and then again today. I re-read my post and I can’t see what you’re pointing to but, perhaps that is because I am incomplete and I am fully down to have a good solid look! I have a chunk of time tonight from 6-8pm for some solid completion/clearing/week planning so I will dive into the work tonight, get complete and will clear first thing tomorrow and then take another swing here by noon tomorrow.

    Team- what else do you see?

    Thank you!

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