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     Tiffany Turner

    LKT will you bring your voice to the thread?

    Thanks team for your shares. I can see how Sabs and I creating relationship in this way could open a door of fear that we take a step backwards, and I invite you to see that if for some reason we did, that would be okay, and that this is our work.

    Sabs and I have had so much opportunity to expand our Be Withs through one-another. Playing in our relationship in this new way is likely to enhance how we support and show up together, and that’s not a guarantee. Nothing is.

    So knowing that it’s totally possible that me doing improv lands us a few steps backwards, will you support us in our relationship development knowing that’s not our commitment or stand?

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for bringing this T!

    Something about this conversation is reminding me of Jonathan’s workout group. I love the support and teaminess but I find myself unclear on what dual relationships and boundaries are. What are we modeling to the participants around dual relationships? What’s ok and not ok? I can own that I might be inside of a rules conversation but I’m still curious to hear what you all see.



     Brittany Cotton

    I am enrolled in all the levels of support that this would create.

    The only thing I have to bring is the dual relationship conversation as it originated. We stand for no dual relationships, in fact have thats our 1 rule, due to the messiness that they cause. Our work is already messy, and the rule is to not generate mess on top of mess. So that coaching mess stays as coaching mess and not coaching + business.

    I think its so perfect T that you want to do improv and that Sabrina leads this in her life. Like how beautiful from where you two have come and what you have created. AND I’m actually not clear on where the relationship stands. This seems like a perfect way to sabotage what has already been worked through. Not saying that would happen, but you two seem to be slippery slopes for each other, I’m curious how this will support that, versus sabotage it.



    This is so fun! I’m all for it. I was thinking about doing it myself. The only reason I’m not going to is because I’m finding that the amount of time I’m spending on zoom is already too much and I don’t want to add any more virtual time to my schedule. One of these times though, I’m going to go up to SLO and participate in person. Can’t wait for that!!!

     Charlie Horn

    What a great way to have connection support joy and fun while pushing your edge. Sounds like a great opportunity T. I have so much trust in both of you to be with any dual relationship stuff if it even came up. Im enrolled and can’t wait to hear what you both get out of it.

     Jeff Miller

    I am good with it. Thanks for bringing this ahead of time and getting our alignment/enrollment.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team – I’ve been one foot in, one foot out, on doing improv for YEARS.

    Sabrina has a beginners improv class starting in May, and I’d like to join it, knowing that it’s something I’ve wanted, knowing that Sabs will be an incredible support structure to me because of our shared AC experience, and because I know Sabrina is an incredible leader in the comedy world, and I want to support that.

    This could be entering dual relationship territory, and in service of being out loud and not creating any duality across our team, I’d like to get team’s alignment on me getting something that I want, from someone I want to be supported by, and supporting our fellow teammate in that process.

    Is anyone not enrolled in me joining Sabrina’s beginner improv class next month?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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